March 4, 2019

The current crypto bear market has not spared anyone. According to an article posted today by CoinDesk, Circle Internet Financial has publicly disclosed its’ intention to raise $250 million more to counter the effect that the bear market has had on its’ operations and fin...

November 16, 2018

On Thursday, Binance announced that they would be following Coinbase’s lead and throwing their support behind Circle’s USD Coin, which is one of Tether’s latest rivals in the Stablecoin niche. The surprising thing is, both of Crypto’s top two exchanges have done this even...

General Market Outlook

The market continued a slight uptrend over the weekend, and has now settled into a consolidation for the most part. There are no big 20% or more gainers today, but many coins are in the green with trading volume maintaing a higher rate than two weeks...

June 26, 2018

General Market Outlook

The market is still shaky after Bitcoin dropped to a low for 2018. Nearly all coins in the top 100 are down in the past 24 hours and trading volume is falling. Theta Token (THETA) is the major stand out of the top 100 coins, which has risen well over...

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