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The Problem with Fidelity’s Crypto Trading Platform

October 16, 2018

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Campuses Embrace Sky High Demand for Crypto Courses

February 23, 2018


Teachers at America's elite universities are having to find larger lecture halls in which to hold their newly formed cryptocurrency courses. Class sizes for courses on Bitcoin and the blockchain record-keeping technology that it introduced are swelling into the hundreds. In cases where no larger lecture hall is available, cryptocurrency students sit in aisles and stand lining walls.


Graduate and undergraduate level classes are being offered across departments at Cornell, MIT, Carnegie Mellon, Berkeley, New York University’s Stern School of Business, Duke, and the University of Maryland, demonstrating clearly that excitement driven by the technology is spreading across several academic fields. Courses with titles such as “Cryptocurrency and Decentralized Ledgers” and “Innovation and Cryptoventures” focus on understanding the new disruptive technologies and assessing the implications of changes in how business will be conducted.


Cryptocurrency teachers find themselves working in an academic field that is moving extraordinarily fast. Whether they are teaching curricula from a scientific, legal, or economic perspective, teachers must cover a host of quickly evolving and complex issues. Cryptocurrency teachers find themselves asking students to forgive them if they get things wrong on occasion, and encouraging students to chime in anytime they feel that imprecise or outdated information is being taught, while business school professors grapple with the questions that Bitcoin and other digital tokens have raised about the nature of money itself.


Fast rising and fickle cryptocoin and cryptocurrency market cap valuations are the main cause of the sudden student interest on campus. With things moving so fast and student demand so high, universities have decided that it is better to offer imperfect cryptocurrency and blockchain courses than no courses at all. Even so, there are many aspects to the blockchain that go far beyond the rising and declining value of bitcoin that are inspiring college professor to launch courses whose value they expect will survive the test of time.


Students are coming in from every possible discipline with a clear understanding that cryptocurrency is going to disrupt many different areas of business, and that familiarity with blockchain technology will become essential for competing on the job market. On websites like Indeed and LinkedIn, there is a fast growing demand for graduates with a keen understanding of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies and the aspects of industry impacted by them.



By: BGN Editorial Staff

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