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The Problem with Fidelity’s Crypto Trading Platform

October 16, 2018

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CryptoSecure explains its Cryptocurrency Security Platform

March 7, 2018

Belize City, Belize -- CryptoSecure.com (through its Service Operator Crypto Investor, Inc.) following extensive inquiry and commentary seeks to clarify and provide a better understanding of its CryptoSecure Platform, its ICO, and its market positioning and advises as follows:
Firstly, until there is total transactional security there will never be universal trust in cryptocurrencies, industry growth will remain limited, and the true potential of this decentralized market will not be realized. Cryptocurrency hacking delivers billions of dollars to cybercriminals and must be eliminated.
CryptoSecure, together with its Licensors and other industry partners, is working on building and delivering an overall operational platform that will ultimately provide total hackproof security. This is being developed and delivered in three major phases.  As recently stated by security pioneer, crypto visionary, and industry expert, John McAfee on Twitter, "CryptoSecure (Platform) overcomes the largest threat facing the cryptoverse"
The CryptoSecure Platform – Major Components
CryptoSecure ‘SafeWindow’ being launched today:

While the CryptoSecure ‘SafeWindow’ product is presented as hackproof, this does not mean a user will not be hacked as this could potentially happen through other weak points in the transactional chain. i.e. CryptoSecure cannot guarantee that your exchange is not hacked, or that you are properly using the ‘SafeWindow’ product. However, “SafeWindow’ totally protects your endpoint (browser) and keyboard which are major cybercriminal access points from which individual consumer accounts are hacked.
Many secure wallets can work within ‘SafeWindow’ providing for an additional layer of security, in that the wallet is additionally secure within the ‘SafeWindow’ environment. Discussions have commenced with several industry wallet providers to work within the CryptoSecure Platform.
CryptoSecure Exchange scheduled for Q1, 2019:
As the CryptoSecure Exchange is developed and launched, from thereon, all users using the ‘SafeWindow’ product within the CryptoSecure Exchange environment will have added hackproof security for cryptocurrency transactions. Other industry exchanges will also have the opportunity for incorporation of CryptoSecure Platform security.
Platform Operational Infrastructure – Progressive introduction from Q1, 2019:
Through introduction of hybrid blockchain/Trusted Systems OS/One Time Pad innovation and other technologies, The Platform being developed will provide for ultimate hackproof security across all integrated cryptocurrency applications. Ultimately all CryptoSecure Platform users will benefit from a full suite of integrated cryptocurrency applications and operations conducted through this platform. 
The CryptoSecure ‘SafeWindow’ cryptocurrency security solution is exclusively licensed, through Australian based GoPC Pty Ltd, for application in the cryptocurrency and blockchain market. Through further license with USA based Key Capital Corporation (OTC Pink: KCPC), Trusted Systems OS, One Time Pad (OTP), and other applications will provide the CryptoSecure Platform through which all CryptoSecure security products will be enhanced, delivered, and/or accessible.
CryptoSecure has partnered with KICKICO to conduct its ICO through their blockchain technology-based platform. See: https://www.kickico.com
Unlike most ICOs the CryptoSecure opportunity is supported by products developed at a multi-million cost, and that will commence generation revenue as from this month, with further significant revenue upside through its development pipeline. 
Market Positioning
Cryptocurrency Security Solution

As referenced earlier, for cryptocurrencies to emerge as a true mainstream alternative to fiat currencies, and to achieve mainstream adoption, they need to be substantively hackproof. 
The CryptoSecure ‘SafeWindow’ is a major development toward achieving this objective, and there is no other known market product that can match its security.
On delivery of the CryptoSecure Exchange and the CryptoSecure Platform Operational infrastructure the entire environment will be truly 99.9% hackproof. CryptoSecure knows of no other competitor developing a total solution. 
CryptoSecure Name Conflict
CryptoSecure advises that it has no relationship or association with Colorado based UMF Group which is developing a wallet that it refers to as CryptoSecure. CryptoSecure has provided UMF Group a Cease and Desist notification with regard to the use of the CryptoSecure Trademark and brand.
About ‘SafeWindow’
CryptoSecure ‘SafeWindow’ creates a virtual computer on the user computer screen, and also on the user’s tablet or smart device. These virtual existences are only there for the duration of the cryptocurrency activity or transaction. They cannot be seen by any hacker, authority, or spyware as the interaction is conducted in invisible virtuality. As soon as the activity or transaction is finished, the user closes the virtual windows, and everything vanishes leaving no residual trace of anything on any of the devices used. See how it works at Youtube-CryptoSecure.
To participate in the CryptoSecure ICO:
See Featured Campaigns at: https://www.kickico.com
For further information:
See: https://CryptoSecure.com
Email: info@cryptoinvestorinc.com
Darcy Johnston: darcy@cryptoinvestorinc.com
Chris Nichols: info@keycapitalgroup.com

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