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October 16, 2018

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Is Po.et the Best Coin Under 10 Cents?

March 13, 2018

Po.et (POE) is a young token in the cryptoverse with a lot of potential, both as a use case and as a store of value. Po.et (POE) allows content creators to time-stamp their written, visual and audio works, automating the licensing process without third parties. Content licensing details are enforced by smart contracts that are registered on the Bitcoin blockchain, allowing creators to easily determine what their content is worth and how much consumers will pay for it.


Po.et CEO Jarrod Dicker came in from the Washington Post, where he was VP of innovation and commercial strategy. Dicker recently stated, “I believe in that future. At Po.et, we are constructing what this industry needs — a new environment where creators are paid for what they can do instead of what is required of them by an old and broken paradigm. I will leverage my experience across media, education and corporate America to elevate this platform as the standard for digital content ownership rights.”


The online buzz around Po.et is just building up now. This may bode well for prospective investors. It is generally best to buy a “strong use case” coin or token before the discussion about it goes mainstream.


Po.et held a token sale in August, 2017, and has since grown to an online community of 40,000 developers and creators on Telegram, Reddit and Twitter. The POE started at $.0.021, peaked at $0.25 on January 5th, and is currently trading at $0.03.


The current lull in price may soon change. The anti-plagiarism use case for Po.et, where publishers and content creators can timestamp their digital works and curate them on the Po.et platform, is very strong. What remains is the adoption by publishers where increasing demand for the POE token would drive up the price of the token.


Two examples of the growing adoption of Po.et among small publishers and large:

- A Joomla Po.et plugin is now available on GitHub
- A WordPress Po.et plugin is nearing its release date
- On January 29th, Po.et partnered with publicly traded Maven digital media company and its thousands of content creators


Learn more about Po.et and POE at https://www.po.et.



By: BGN Editorial Staff

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