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October 16, 2018

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Steve Bannon to Europe: Take Back Control of Your Money with Cryptocurrency

March 13, 2018

Steve Bannon promised emancipation from establishment forces that have created “a new serfdom” in a speech to a crowd of 1,500 right-leaning Europeans and 80 media outlets in Zurich, Switzerland on Tuesday, March 6.


Bannon told the audience that, “With cryptocurrency, we take control of the central banks away. That will give us the power again. Once you take control of your currency, once you take control of your data, once you take control of your citizenship, that’s when you’re going to have true freedom.”


Bannon went on to voice his belief that cryptocurrencies are at the “heart of the anti-establishment movement.” Cryptos and blockchain will “empower the populist movement, empower companies, empower governments to get away from the central banks that debase your currency and make slave wages,” he said.

Bannon’s speech went beyond identifying central banks as enemies of freedom, saying that the biggest governments and tech companies steal the rights and identities of ordinary people, using them for their own purposes. He talked about the centralized control of data as a huge problem that can also be address with blockchain technology.


The event was sponsored by the Swiss right-wing newspaper Die Weltwoche.

Steve Bannon was once one of the most powerful men in Washington as White House Chief Strategist at the beginning of Trump’s presidential term. He was an investment banker for Goldman Sachs before co-founding Breitbart.


You can watch Bannon’s speech and the Q&A follow-up in its entirety here on YouTube:





By: BGN Editorial Staff


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