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The Problem with Fidelity’s Crypto Trading Platform

October 16, 2018

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Countinghouse Fund Set To Launch ICO Based On Cryptocurrency Backed Hedge Fund That Uses Algorithm To Create Profits

March 15, 2018

 Countinghouse is bringing hedge fund-level profits to crypto-community investors.
The peer-to-peer, decentralised nature of the blockchain has continued to open previously inaccessible doors to investors in the crypto-community. Now, our hedge fund is proud to join this crypto-currency led democratisation of wealth, bringing our market-beating returns to the world of the blockchain.

Countinghouse, experienced in the world of foreign-exchange trading for the past ten years, could no longer ignore the amazing potential crypto-currency trading had shown us. The crypto market has grown ten-fold in the past year, with no signs of slowing down. Crypto trading volatility is surging whilst fiat currency volatility is stagnating. In a hedge-fund that forces profit through market-movement, volatility is king and the potential for crypto-currency trading was eagerly explored.

After a year of live-testing our fiat-currency algorithms adapted for usage of the crypto-exchanges, and the incredible results we saw month after month, Countinghouse decided to explore incorporating crypto-exchanges into our hedge fund. After further exploration of this idea, the decision to launch an Initial Coin Offering appealed to us over any other option. We believe that the peer-to-peer, decentralised marketplace will do to wealth what the internet did for information exchange, and opening up our fund to investors of all wealth levels is something we at Countinghouse Fund are really excited about.

Our perfected crypto-currency algorithms will be unleashed upon the crypto-exchanges of the world, allowing us to capture the incredible volatility of these markets and deliver consistent profits to previous Countinghouse investors as well all those who join us in our ICO. We also will practice double-sided arbitrage on these exchanges, which takes advantage of differing crypto-exchange rates and further increases yield for investors.  We will incorporate our proven mathematical risk-mitigation strategies into our crypto-exchange algorithms, allowing for steady returns on even the most volatile exchanges.

Countinghouse Fund has already pre-sold in a private sale around 4 million USD worth of tokens to previous investors, and are looking to raise a further 20,000 Ethereum (around 20 million USD) to head to the exchanges with the appropriate amount of capital to securely execute high-volume trades, as well as leave room for our fund to grow consistently throughout the coming years. This will increase the value of our Countinghouse tokens as our fund delivers high yield throughout the forthcoming trading periods. This also means investor-capital can be put to work straight away post-ICO launch, as we do not need to allocate funding to start-up costs.

Unlike traditional managed-capital funds, where performance reports are often released quarterly to an investor, we use crypto-tokens as units in the fund. This both enables an instant update on the fund’s performance as per the value of our tokens, as well as enabling investors to take profit or transfer ownership of their holdings without using Countinghouse Fund as an intermediary. This enables unprecedented investor control over their investment, and allows for a portfolio that is flexible and adaptive to market conditions.
Countinghouse Fund is excited to bring our strategies both to the crypto-exchange and the crypto-community, providing the opportunity for investors of all types across the globe to profit with us as we strike while the iron is hot and trade crypto-currency while it is in its growth period. Please, consult our whitepaper and financial report for greater detail into who we are and how we can bring the worlds of hedge-fund and crypto-currency together.

Source: Countinghouse Fun

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