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The Problem with Fidelity’s Crypto Trading Platform

October 16, 2018

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Crypto Market Update (16 April 2018)

April 16, 2018


General Market Outlook


The overall cryptocurrency market has reached a month high of $355 billion. Reaching $400 billion would mean a two-month high. Bitcoin (BTC) price has held firmly above $8,000 over the weekend. Ethereum (ETH) is sitting right around $500, and many expect a strong uptrend to follow for ETH if BTC continues to rise. Many Altcoins saw spikes with a continued uptrend over the weekend. Most recently Populous (PPT) is nearing an increase of almost 30% for the past 24 hours.


Major Headlines


TenX (PAY) Adds Litecoin to Wallet: Announces Litepay Card 


Charlie Lee Tweeted big news for Litecoin (LTC) and TenX last week. TenX not only integrated Litecoin to their wallet, but have made plans with Litecoin to develop a Litecoin credit card. Previous cards have been made using pre-paid Visa cards from cryptocurrency purchases. However, developments in regulation and payment processors may soon change this. Other companies such as Mastercard are making a big push to develop their blockchain technology for increased adoption.




NASA Rsearching Spacecraft Navigation on Ethereum Blockchain


An assistant research professor in electrical and computer engineering at The University of Akron has established a relationship with NASA. They will research use of blockchain technology to implement software for self-driving spacecraft. The project is essentially a combination of machine learning and smart contracts, to create automated decisions that will navigate the spacecraft. They will develop the project on the Ethereum Blockchain.



Germany’s Version of Cobinhood Now Available 


One of the first cryptocurrency exchanges to be based off an existing fiat exchange has been released in Germany. Börse Stuttgart is the second largest German stock exchange, and ninth largest in Eurpope. Berlin has shown a great deal of Blockchain Technology and cryptocurrency development because of extreme inflation of their domestic currency in recent years. Currently the App “Bison” has a limit number of coins available to trade, but expansions are planned.



Press Release Translation



Top 5 Gainers


BitSoar (BSR)  +427.39% at $0.005196

Breakout (BRK)  +75.00% at $0.334532

Guaranteed Ethurance Token Extra (GETX)  +38.96% at $0.029738

HireMatch (HTE)  +32.28% at $0.047476

Centra (CTR)  +30.78% at $0.022215



Top 5 Losers


TOKYO (TOKC)  -44.09% at $0.002482

Hexx (HXX)  -29.95% at $2.16

BABB (BAX)  -21.98% at $0.001247

COSS (COSS)  -21.33% at $0.259582

RChain (RHOC)  -21.01% at $1.16



New Coins Listed


Lucyd (LCD) listed to IDEX https://www.lucyd.co/

Aditus (ADI) listed to IDEX https://www.aditus.net/

Bank4YOU (BEEFY) listed to IDEX https://bank4you.io/

Repux (REPUX) listed to IDEX https://repux.io/

SyncFab (MFG) listed to IDEX https://blockchain.syncfab.com/


SyncFab (MFG) listed to COBINHOOD https://blockchain.syncfab.com/


Dai Stablecoin listed to Yobit http://www.makerdao.com/


Cardano (ADA) listed to Huobi https://www.cardano.org/




By: BGN Editorial Staff


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