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The Problem with Fidelity’s Crypto Trading Platform

October 16, 2018

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Crypto Market Update (20 April 2018)

April 20, 2018


General Market Outlook


Buy Markets Percentage is nearing all time highs, and the overall market sentiment is very positive. Highs are very high on Altcoins, and the lows of today are infrequency and modest. There are some negative things happening in headlines, but the momentum of positive change and adoption by governments and major financial institutions is pushing the market forward. Historically May has been the month when Alt coins really begin to take off, and it looks like this could be happening again.


Major Headlines


IOTA Released World’s First Smart Charging Station 


The device was revealed in Arnhe, Netherlands this week. There is nothing especially unique to the charging station other than that is programmed with smart contracts through the IOTA token. It is an important step in the functionality of a futuristic, electric, self-driving grid. These autonomous vehicles will need to operate their own “wallets,” to track users’ fees and their own driving statistics. The charging station is not compatible with other cryptocurrencies.


Major Texas Investment Firm to Host Blockchain Conference 


TEN Capital Group announced their annual technology conference will have blockchain technology at the heart in 2018. Emerge ICO Summit will take place this October in Austin, Texas bringing together blockchain solution companies with investors and business tools. It will focus on blockchain solutions projects seeking funding. If you are a speaker, sponsor or company looking to join the event, complete the short online form


Huobi Setting up shop in NYC, SF and London 


Huobi is one of the most well-established cryptocurrency exchange platforms. They were founded in Singapore, but established a headquarters in China. Exchanges need to develop working relationships with local government as regulations take shape – they are essentially crypto-banks. Huobi is currently building offices in New York and San Francisco as part of their global expansion. They recently sited London as the next stop, highlighting that their statistics show it to be the most active cryptocurrency trading hub in the EU.



Top 5 Gainers


XinFin Network (XDCE) +142.00% at $0.010514

GPU Coin (GPU)  +%128.22 at $0.033652

Propy (PRO)  +107.28% at $2.56

Switcheo (SWH)  +102.18% at $0.064004

Hi Mutual Society (HMC)  +86.76% at $0.040045



Top 5 Losers


WCOIN (WIN)  -27.32% at $0.079495

Octoin Coin (OCC)  -417.55% at $2.58

Playkey (PKT)  -16.75% at $0.596990

Universal Currency (UNIT)  -16.66% at $0.0491578

Guaranteed Ethurance Token (GETX)  -16.08% at $0.027085



New Coins Listed


Ivykoin (IVY) listed to IDEX

Fidelium (FID) listed to IDEX

Lendingblock (LND) listed to IDEX

Morpheus Labs (MITx) listed to IDEX

Origami Network (ORI) listed to IDEX


Propy (PRO) listed to Bittrex


Fire Lotto (FLOT) listed to YoBit

Monetize Coin (MNZ) listed to YoBit




BY: BGN Editorial Staff

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