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The Problem with Fidelity’s Crypto Trading Platform

October 16, 2018

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Crypto Market Update (24 April 2018)

April 24, 2018

General Market Outlook


Growth trend firmly continues. Bitcoin (BTC) is moving toward $9,500 and Ethereum (ETH) has crossed $700. These values have not been seen since early March when the strong downtrend began. Nearly every coin in the top 100 market cap values is in the green. Many coins are in double-digit percent up for the past 24 hours or more.


Major Headlines


Binance “Dust” Now Convertible to BNB 


One of the major complaints from traders using Binance is “dust.” When trades are executed between trading pairs to revert back to the main coin, i.e. BTC or ETH, there are tiny fractions of the other coin remaining. The totals remaining are below the minimum amount to be tradable – 0.005 BTC or around $4.50 right now. Binance has finally addressed this issue with a “Convert to BNB button.” With one click, traders can convert their dust to Binance Coin.



Glamour Highlights Women In The Crypto Space 


The first five listed cover a diverse spread of technology. One of the largest ICO’s of all time Tezo’s Co-founder is Kathleen Breitman, former strategy associate at R3. Back in 2013 Connie Gallippi founded BitGive – the largest source for Bitcoin charity donations. Queens, NY native, Elizabeth Rossiello, created Bitpesa - one of the most commonly used crypto payment processors used in Africa. Tavonia Evans is implementing $GUAP – an ERC20 token to help keep wealth circulating in the Black community. Sequence is taking blockchain securely to the cloud – headed by engineering manager Tess Rinearson.



This is Regulation - Wells Fargo Fined $1 Billion 


Zero of that Billion in fines is planned for customers who have lost money or were in other ways negatively affected by the poor business practices in place by the major bank. Regulators have required that “plans” be created to compensate customers. The fine was levied for three major issues taking place.


1. 2013 to 2017 – Employees unaware of mortgage fees assessed arbitrary fines


2. 2011 to 2015 – Enrolling and assuming automatic payments for car insurance to members without their knowledge – 570,00 affected


3. 2015 to 2017 – fired 5,700 employees for creating fake accounts in order to meet unrealistic sales goals


This is a prime example of why many people strongly support the open-ledger communities of blockchain technology.



Top 5 Gainers


Digital Rupees (DRS) +122.10% at $0.000467

Privatix (PRIX)  +115.72% at $6.92

Daneel (DAN)  +86.94% at $0.065909

Bela (BELA) +70.67% at $0.153628

DIMCOIN (DIM)  +70.04% at $0.007984



Top 5 Losers


WandX (WAND) )  -35.91% at $0.156284

BuzzCoin (BUZZ)  -29.71% at $0.000188

ECC (ECC)  -25.10% at $0.001028

Global Cryptocurrency (GCC)  -20.75% at $0.002895

MktCoin (MLM)  -20.67% at $0.018849



New Coins Listed


WITChain (WIT) listed to Yobit

KaratBank (KBC) listed to Yobit

SIRIN Labs Token (SRNt) listed to Yobit


Themis Network (GET2) listed to IDEX





By: BGN Editorial Staff


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