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October 16, 2018

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Skynet in Cryptocurrency?

April 24, 2018


How can we understand something that’s named after a famous German novel and a popular role-playing game monster, at the same time? First of all, it’s got nothing to do with these things except in terms of how a golem can be made from anything and the Golem network hopes to be the platform for essentially any technology project.


Second of all, the Golem network has only been around since 2017, so its actually still in its early stages. Despite this, there are a few implications that can be drawn from the current information on the network that seem to be quite promising for the future.


To begin, it’s designed to be, according to the Golem team, “the Airbnb for computers.” This means that it works like a sharing network for computers which are willing to give up the processing space that they are not using.


Essentially, part of the brain of your computer is offered up for others to use in a connected network of a large amount of computers that are willing to do the same. When they are all connected, they theoretically form the world’s most powerful computer or supercomputer.


In this way, at least in theory, a lot of projects which would  require considerably high budgets as well as large amounts of resources, can be more efficiently, and in cheaper ways.


Using the system is fairly simple on the surface. To begin, users log on and use Golem tokens, which is a native ERC20 token and plans to remain that way, to pay for available computing power. Despite this easy beginning, the rest of the process of connecting to other available computers is quite technically involved and thus, quite suited for those with a vast knowledge of computing.


Because the project is in its early stages, again, a lot of this is theoretical, although the network has one working product at this point. Users can get on to run large-scale CGI projects without access to supercomputers. Thus, time and money is being saved, directly, just based on these considerations.


Judging by press on the network related to its future plans, Golem has one of the most striking visions in the space. Reportedly, they are working their way over the long term towards enabling and facilitating the creation of some sort of benevolent AI. In other words, there would be an Artificial Intelligence system on the network that could learn from the network and improve upon itself but based on how it would be coded, it would be incapable of doing harm.


At this point, this is almost simply supposition but it would be a striking development in any industry. One road which could lead to the Golem team’s primary goal coming about quickly would be thebeginnign of widespread Quantum computing.


For the purposes of brevity and clarity, suffice it to say that Quantum computing will speed up our existing computers by a significant amount as well as make all networks and products obsolete that are not ready for it. On the side of the Golem network, however, speeding up the network and making it more efficient could lead to its rapid adoption as the go-to solution for all ambitious technology projects. Even with faster computers, Golem would stand as the logical addition to them because it would push forward even Quantum computing’s speed.


Despite these promising areas that it already has and has mentioned, the Golem network does not exist without internal and external risk factors. In short, some of the biggest risks include the advent of edge computing, which would bring the capability of all computers existing mainly on a new type of local network. In short, with edge computing, we wouldn’t quite need the Internet, all of the time.


Secondly, Golem’s future rests with the Ethereum network. The team has announced their intention to stay with ERC20 tokens to fund the network. The product’s also essentially an Ethereum-based application, so with Ethereum’s failure comes Golem’s failure and vice-versa. A final risk that is actually quite possible is that the Golem network one day becomes too powerful and causes harm in some way. Despite this possibility and despite Golem’s existence, it’s safe to say that we don’t have to fear the coming of a Skynet, just yet.




By: BGN Editorial Staff

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