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The Problem with Fidelity’s Crypto Trading Platform

October 16, 2018

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Crypto Market Update (27 April 2018)

April 27, 2018

General Market Outlook


The cryptocurrency market remains green almost entirely across the board for another 24 hours, and EOS again continues to push new heights – up over 15% in the past 24 hours. Pantera Capital cryptocurrency hedgefun CEO Dan Morehead is back in headlines after expressing the potential of a $40 trillion dollar market cap for cryptocurrencies in an interview with Bloomberg. True or not, the headlines will bring attention to the blockchain space.



Major Headlines


Cryptocurrency Mining Drives Samsung’s Profits Up 54% 


The CEO of Samsung cited that production of semi-conductors has pushed their Q1 yea-over-year profits up 54%. Semi-conductors are used in just about every major consumer electronic device. However, these are required massively for cellphones and computer parts such as CPUs, GPUSs, graphics cards and ASICS. Those last four are used for mining cryptocurrencies. Samsung has stated they may begin to manufacture ASICS – used for mining Bitcoin. Evidence on Twitter shows this is in the works.



Smartlands Asset Platform Available Soon 


Smartlands is allowing the public to be more involved in asset trading. The company provides a service to tokenize real estate, manufacturing, agriculture and private shares. More importantly, the first step of the process manages auditing, legal due diligence and any other legal procedures required to engage their service. Once collateralized, these assets are “tokenized,” similar to being divided into shares. However, the tokens can be traded as current cryptocurrencies are. Initially, the service will be available in the UK only.



Reminder: BTC is Bitcoin 


Roger Ver is consistently in headlines – recently, to promote Bitcoin Cash as the real Bitcoin. He often claims others support him, but this is not likely to be true. Founder of ShapeShift.io and early cryptocurrency adopter Erik Voorhees spoke out against Roger Ver in a tweet. He does not support his views, and by definition, BCASH is not Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the original blockchain with the highest accumulated proof-of-work. Nick Szabo retweeted similar sentiment that Bitcoin.com is a scam, Roger Ver (CEO of the website) is a serial scamer, and his highly promoted coin BCASH is fake Bitcoin. Szabo created one of the first cryptocurrencies Bit Gold, and coined the term “Smart Contract” as well.



Top 5 Gainers


Daneel (DAN) +92.13% at $0.305468

OP Coin (OPC)  +79.89% at $0.002218

Octoin Coin (OCC)  +70.44% at $4.18

MedicCoin (MEDIC)  +68.23% at $0.105061

Hex (HXX)  +60.07% at $6.38



Top 5 Losers


Global Cryptocurrency (GCC)  -37.30% at $0.001664

Arbitracoin (ATC)  -34.87% at $0.203371                        

Lightning Bitcoin (LBTC)  -21.64% at $57.05

Pure (PURE)  -20.70% at $57.05

Curriculum Vitae (CBT)  -16.87% at $1.29



New Coins Listed


Achain (ACT) listed to Cobinhood

PlayCoin (PLY) listed to Cobinhood

Chainium (CHX) listed to IDEX

Decentralized Machine Learning (DML) listed to IDEX

Helbiz (HBZ) listed to IDEX

Shping (SHPING) listed to IDEX

SkyChain (SKCH) listed to IDEX

Golem (GNT) listed to Binance

Noah Coin (NOAH) listed to Changelly

WaltonChain (WTCd) listed to AirSwap




By: BGN Editorial Staff


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