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The Problem with Fidelity’s Crypto Trading Platform

October 16, 2018

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Spreading Wall Street Skills to Crypto- Founder’s Fund and Tagomi


If Peter Thiel has his way, who knows how much we’ll have to worry about being tricked out of our hard earned fiat by crypto-scams, in the near future. Thiel’s venture capital firm, Founder’s Fund is betting on big-name investors moving into the crypto world.


Founder’s Fund’s foray into crypto-firms has reportedly begun with its investment into a small startup named Tagomi. According to the Wall Street Journal and other sources, Tagomi aims to be the crypto-world’s version of what is commonly called a broker-dealer.


If you don’t already know, a broker-dealer is simply one person or one firm that is licensed to buy and sell securities and can act as a trader for its own account as well as a dealer for stocks that its clients want. Thus, if one chooses the same stocks that such a firm invests its own funds in, then one can effectively be invested in a broker-dealer just like in a hedge fund.


Tagomi, therefore, aims to bring Wall Street knowledge to the crypto world in that it wants to be the go-to firm for family offices, sole, accredited investors and perhaps more importantly, institutional investors, who want to invest in crypto in a fashion that is more akin to investing in the stock market.


Even though Tagomi is in its early stages as of yet, it can reasonably be said that this means that Tagomi aims to essentially follow stock-market level regulations to the letter, if clear regulations end up being set up.


Despite Tagomi apparently being its first publicly reported investment in a crypto firm, according to NewsBTC, this is not Founder’s Fund’s first time investing into a cryptocurrency. Sometime last year, Founder’s Fund publicly reported that it was managing around $3 billion in Bitcoin, already.


Although this investment has just begun and Tagomi hasn’t truly gotten off the ground yet, if all goes well, this could be the push that crypto needs to become widely accepted by Wall Street and later, more traditional investors. If all of this works out as well, then the more reticent common man might just follow suit.






By: BGN Editorial Staff




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