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The Problem with Fidelity’s Crypto Trading Platform

October 16, 2018

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CoinJanitor Will Clean Up Crypto


CoinJanitor is a unique project that will buy out dead coins, integrating their users into its own community. In the process it will acquire all the other assets that these dead coins might have, and it will curate their code and analyze the data within their blockchains to produce new tools for the benefit of the community.


Once the buy outs are implemented, CoinJanitor will proceed to burn the tokens and coins it acquires, effectively cleaning up crypto. The team has already started profiling dead coins and sorting out buy out candidates, from the more than 3,000 coins that are not traded on exchanges.


The project will bring multiple benefits to its community and to cryptocurrency markets. To read more about the benefits that the project brings, how to participate or how to get involved with our effort to clean up crypto, check out our website, join our Telegram group and ask our team anything you want about the CoinJanitor project. Join the janitor, spread the word about our project and help us clean up crypto!


[Join the Janitor]

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