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The Problem with Fidelity’s Crypto Trading Platform

October 16, 2018

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General Market Outlook

General Market Outlook
Cryptocurrency public awareness is booming right now. Major companies are constantly being asked their opinion on the subject, major TV networks are airing bits on the topic, and there will even be a cryptocurrency news program on CBS now - how this will play into the market values is yet to be seen. Overall the market is still moving sideways for the most part. Bitcoin and Ethereum are at almost no change in the past 24 hours. There is a bit more positive than negative in the top 100 coins. This weekend could show big movement on major altcoins after a week of downtrend and consolidation.
Major Headlines
5 Years Ago Wired Magazine Threw 13 BTC Away
Wired Magazine published a piece experimenting with Bitcoin mining in 2013 called “Watch Wired Get Rich Quick With Our Sleek Bitcoin Miner.” They used equipment from Butterfly Labs (a company that was shut down in 2014), that would not be able to keep up with mining capacity today. But, coincidentally, they did get rich - The wallet they mined to has almost 13.5BTC in it, whether it was “quick” or not is up to you to decide. Some history:
“BTC 2 is worth about $220, and the miner sells for $274. So in just two weeks, those lucky enough to have snagged one of these rigs will have paid off the initial investment.”

  • At current price, 2 BTC could have purchased 68 of them.

“San Francisco’s Pacific Brewing Laboratory said they’d sell us a keg for BTC 1.5”

  • A keg = 124 pints of beer. At current BTC/USD that is $112/pint.

Cryptocurrency News Show coming to CBS
An agreement has been made between one of the biggest Crypto Youtubers and CBS “to air 13 episodes of the Crypto Crow Show in select markets as a test market in hopes of spreading nationally.” The show will air on select CBS, the CW, and Roku. The Youtuber is “Crypto Crow.” He began publishing videos in November last year, and now has over 73,00 followers. This will be the first cryptocurrency television series fully paid for by bitcoin, which includes all promotional sponsors, features and the like are paid by bitcoin. Each episode will feature educational information to help newcomers to the crypto space with research, investing incites and lessons on how to stay secure with new ICOs and cryptocurrency companies.
Nasdaq CEO Talks Crypto On CNN Interview
CNN Podcast Boss Files recently featured Nasdaq CEO Adena Friedman. It was only last month that she first spoke of Nasdaq embracing cryptocurrency trading on CNBC’s Sqwuak Box. “I do think the idea of a more globalized payment mechanism that is more efficient than what we have today allows for money to transfer across countries and certainly supports the Internet economy.” This interview covered the more broad scope of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies effect on the global market, not just stock trading.
“Are the governments going to start to embrace it? Or are they still going to have it sit outside the realm of their oversight? I think the technology is fascinating and it’s a very sound technology. It’s just a matter of making sure that the community is all embracing it together.”
Top 5 Gainers
Nexty (NTY) +100.72% at $0.000187
Arbitracoin (ATC) +85.61% at $0.102756
Primas (PST) +80.21% at $0.823348
LanaCoin (LANA) +72.23% at $0.001119
Indicoin (INDI) +59.97% at $0.020551
Top 5 Losers
BelugaPay (BBI) -34.81% at $0.269068
eBoost (EBST) -28.48% at $0.447913
Amon (AMN) -23.62% at $0.028358
Dimecoin (DIME) -22.52% at $0.000039
Aidos Kuneen (ADK) -20.20% at $22.19
New Coins Listed
CoinLance (CL) listed to RightBTC
OKOIN (OKO) listed to YoBit
Neurotoken (NTK) listed to HitBTC
Patron (PAT) listed to HitBTC


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