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The Problem with Fidelity’s Crypto Trading Platform

October 16, 2018

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General Market Outlook

General Market Outlook


The market moved primarily sideways over the weekend, but today starts annual Coindesk Consensus conference. Historically, the cryptocurrency market has seen an uptrend after the conference. The conference lasts three days, but just in the past few hours many altcoins have surged near or over 10%. However, Bitcoin and Ethereum are basically holding steady.


Major Headlines


Facebook Cryptocurrency In The Works

The head of Facebook’s Messenger app David Marcus, a Coinbase board member, will be leading research to bring blockchain tech and possibly a cryptocurrency to company. Facebook now considers themselves a “family of companies” - a family of Apps: Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger. These are four of the top six most widely used social media platforms on the planet. Facebook leads the way with over 2 billion month users. David Marcus has been a board member with Coinbase since December 2017, and brings serious, progressive experience that points towards a cryptocurrency. He was previously President of PayPal, where he headed global expansion and product strategy and led acquisition of Braintree - parent company of the Venmo.


$100 million Invested In TaTaTu

Blockchain social media applications could be the next eruption. A Bacardi Rum Heiress is putting $100 million into a video streaming social media combination platform. Social media, entertainment and finance - This combination brings together some of the biggest industries in the world. TaTaTu rewards users with digital currency for watching movies, television episode and any other content on the platform. They can also get more rewards from what their friends view. The token will reward users and allow advertisers to pay for advertising on the platform. It’s no surprise someone like the Bacardi Rum Heiress would be interested in funding a social media and entertainment platform. These two are also direct avenues for marketing of Bacardi Products. Could there be Bacardi coin vouchers in the future?


Morgan Stanley Releases Bullish Blockchain Report

Headlines for the past few months have highlighted growing interest form central banks. This week, analysts at Morgan Stanley look into the possible practical uses of digital currencies and blockchain technology for their business. One of the most interesting data applications was that digital currencies could be used to enable deeper negative interest rates in the next financial crisis.


"Freely circulating paper notes and coins (cash) limits the ability of the central banks to force negative deposit rates. A digital version of cash could theoretically allow negative deposit rates to be charged on all money in circulation within any economy."


Top 5 Gainers


Global Cryptocurrency (GCC) +138.83% at $0.003295

Docademic (MTC) +118.99% at $0.070210

Nullex (NLX) +102.95% at $0.170284

HTMLCOIN (HTML) +84.01% at $0.000788

Biotron (BTRN) +63.80% at $0.054230



Top 5 Losers


Pure (PURE) -52.51% at $0.722138

Nexty (NTY) -39.71% at $0.000155

Minereum (MNE) -29.49% at $0.265773

Nebula AI (NBAI) -26.63% at $0.011723

iQuant (IQT) -21.32% at $0.063102


New Coins Listed


Chainium (CHX) listed to HitBTC


Daneel (DAN) listed to Bancor


DATx (DATX) listed to Huobi


Enji Coin (ENJ) listed to Kyber Network


TomoChain (TOMO) listed to KuCoin


Flea Coin (FLEA) listed to CryptoBridge


Global Cryptocurrency (GCC) listed to Cryptopia

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