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October 16, 2018

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Have a Drink on Civic but Bring your ID

Have a Drink on Civic but Bring your ID
          Civic, Vinny Lingham’s chief crypto venture, plans to show off a special kind of vending machine at Coin Desk’s Consensus conference next week. Its true uniqueness is not just in the fact that it uses the Blockchain to operate, but in how it uses the Blockchain to operate.
          It’s going to be a beer vending machine that checks your identification with the Blockchain, which shouldn’t be a surprise given that Civic’s chief business has always been Blockchain-based ID verification projects.
          Reportedly, when this machine is shown off at Consensus, those attending the conference will be able to use the machine but still, only if they are 21. In other words, it will be fully operational in order to demonstrate the functioning of Civic’s verification mechanism.
          On top of this, the machine is apparently the result of an existing partnership with Annheuser-Busch. Overall, the key hope here is that the machine will serve as the first real-world example of what Civic’s technology can do.
          So, what exactly will this technology show, in practice? The Marketing and Communications Manager for Civic apparently said that the machine will be ready for just about any form of ID, although its functioning will depend on customers using the Civic app to access it.
          All in all, this means that customers will have to have already uploaded an approved form of identification to the company’s app before they try to access the machine. Therefore, as long as the Civic app’s form of ID approval functions without a hitch, then circumventing the drinking age via the app won’t be possible.
          To those who can it access it, however, around 600 free beers will be released daily to continuously show how the machine works until the conference is over. According to Civic and Coin Desk, this time will also serve as a preview of what’s to come with Civic, later this year.
          Expect a fully operational identity marketplace to be up and running by this year’s third quarter. According to statements made by Vinny Lingham last year, this marketplace will be a way for customers and businesses to securely exchange and monetize the data needed to prove identity during transactions.
          While vending machine ID verification via the Blockchain is a step in the right direction, it’s only one publicly demonstrated use case. Until the marketplace launches, we won’t be able to truly understand the full extent of the change that Civic’s complete product offering will bring.

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