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The Problem with Fidelity’s Crypto Trading Platform

October 16, 2018

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Coinbase Launches Institutional Suite

Coinbase Launches Institutional Suite


2018 has been filled with Coinbase headlines.  Coinbase is doing everything it can to try to take over the transition to cryptocurrencies in America. They had the merchant class investor services nailed down, and started bringing in Wall Street talent to develop projects that bring the company closer and closer to the standard of existing financial institutions.


Their new “Institutional Suite” takes it up another level. It is a group of four services to make it easy enough for any interested investment funds to get into Bitcoin. The competition for this this type of software and these services is getting tight, but Coinbase is optimistic:


“At Coinbase, we welcome these developments as they help accelerate the world’s adoption of cryptocurrency by bringing new capital, greater awareness, and additional infrastructure to the space. This movement requires institutional grade products and services, something Coinbase has been developing with leading institutions and which we are proud to formally launch today.”


Coinbase Custody

This piece was created in partnership with an SEC-regulated broker-dealer to provide the very best crypto-storage solutions. They are storing $20 Billion in cryptocurrencies.


Coinbase Markets

This project works to solve the problems of liquidity in cryptocurrencies that result in the highly volatile market, but it is not fully fledged out yet. Throughout 2018, new features like low latency performance, on-premise datacenter colocation services, institutional connectivity and access, and settlement and clearing services will be added.


Coinbase Prime

This is an exchange platform this is essentially an upgrade to their current GDAX exchange platform. They will offer lending and margin financing products to qualified clients, high touch/low touch execution services like over-the-counter (OTC) trading and algorithmic orders, and new market data and research products. They are also planning for multi-user permissions and whitelisted withdrawal addresses.


Coinbase Institutional Coverage Group

This group provides sales, sales trading, research, market operations, and client services support.


Other recent additions:

  • Tax Tools

  • Index Fund


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