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The Problem with Fidelity’s Crypto Trading Platform

October 16, 2018

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Civic keeps on rolling- another use case for its tech

Civic keeps on rolling- another use case for its tech


          This week has been a truly successful one for Vinny Lingham’s Civic. Not only did they debut their Blockchain identity verification technology on a machine that gives out free beers, they also formed a partnership with a crypto social network to debut their primary technology, online.


          No, it’s not Steem, but it’s still exciting. Hilo is a crypto social network that is still in its early stages before its ICO. Based on their mission statement, it seems like they’ll only be partial a competitor for Steem, with one key difference between the two.


          Steem is already a publishing medium of the future on which users are currently, actively earning crypto for their content. Hilo aims to be the world’s connection to investing in crypto, including integrating crypto market reports and articles with the ability to have friends as well as follow those who may be termed “crypto influencers.”


          Where Civic fits in is that its main tech, which is apparently called, “ID Codes,” will serve to verify users who sign on to the Hilo platform. This whole process is as simple as uploading a selfie and then scanning your driver’s license and passport. After a waiting period, Civic then sends the user a special link to his or her verified profile on the Civic Blockchain. On Hilo, it appears that this link will serve to prove immutably that users are who they say they are.


          All in all, this is a good beginning but aiming for all of these things at once is like aiming for the stars. Even so, with partners like Civic and advisors that come from companies like McKinsey, it does seem that Hilo has a fighting chance.

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