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The Problem with Fidelity’s Crypto Trading Platform

October 16, 2018

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Crypto Market Update (25 May 2018)

General Market Outlook


Of the top ten coins, EOS had shown strong recovery of over 5%, but quickly fell to 2% in the past 24 hours, this might be due to delays in the launch of the mainnet. Bitcoin seems to be holding right around $7,500. Etheruem has recovered some, trading around $600 at +2%. The most notable gainer top 100 coins is Bitcoin Private (BTCP) up over 17% in the in the past 24 hours right now. This due to John McAfee tweeting about the coin.



Major Headlines


Ubanx - All-purpose Cryptocurrency Retail Spaces


The startup is planning to open its first brick-and-mortar store in order to bring cryptocurrency into the mainstream consciousness. Ubanx will provide physical spaces for people to learn about and embrace the crypto world, comparing the concept to Apple stores. “Ubanx will be the easiest way for everyone to access cryptocurrency and blockchain financial services, providing a digital platform and physical spaces to meet, learn and connect.” Their mobile app will show customers a curated list of blockchain products and services, and crypto experts will be on hand to help them buy, exchange and trade cryptocurrencies if they wish. These spaces will allow for co-working areas, courses and workshops, and more. There are 134 applications to open Ubanx stores in more than 17 countries.


Coinbase Rebranding GDX


The company has acquired Paradex, a crypto trading relay platform to upgrade their current platform. Coinbase Pro will integrate Paradex support over the next few weeks, which will enable users to "trade hundreds of tokens directly from their wallets," according to the release. The goal is to "make the trading experience easier and more intuitive." Other features include a new chart system which provides streamlined access to historical data and a consolidated portfolio view. The new system will not be available to U.S. citizens initially. "Our vision is to give customers the ability to participate in services like staking and protocol voting that are distinct to crypto. As the decentralized ecosystem advances, we expect there will be many more opportunities for customers to interact with digital assets in new and unique ways."


American Express Puts Rewards On Blockchain


The company announced yesterday that it is working with the Hyperledger enterprise blockchain to let merchants create custom Membership Rewards programs for American Express cardholders. American Express will create a private channel on its blockchain for interested merchants, who can then create smart contracts which automatically fulfill rewards program offers. This also gives more particular benefits like assigning bonuses based on product stock levels. They will onboard new business to rewards programs "in a matter of weeks" instead of the months it currently takes. Boxed will be the first trial run for the system. They will allow members to earn five times the normal number of points on certain products.




Top 5 Gainers


Photon (PHO) +185.84% at $0.000113

LatiumX (LATX) +67.31% at $0.048549

Dignity (DIG) +45.50% at $0.168361

Chronobank (TIME) +44.24% at $16.65

Bezop (BEZ) +37.57% at $0.147509



Top 5 Losers


Nexty (NTY) -38.41% at $0.000221

B2BX (B2B) -33.88% at $0.341215

Jiyo (JIYO) -33.75% at $0.116189

U.CASH (UCASH) -32.66% at $0.005284

Aditus (ADI) -20.22% at $0.020769



New Coins Listed


Gifto (GTO) listed to Bittrex

Helbiz (HBZ) listed to HitBTC

Hydro Protocol (HOT) listed to Bancor

BitKan (KAN) listed to Huboi Pro




By: BGN Editorial Staff


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