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October 16, 2018

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Seasteadings and Crypto Nations

June 11, 2018

People are declaring their sovereignty from any existing nation, due to the Blockchain. Which apparently began with a project called Bitnation, in 2014.


Bitnation now exists as a citizenship as well as marriage license portal, among other things, that is entirely on the Blockchain.


More importantly, Bitnation was the catalyst for a growing group of startups that are trying to create new ways of life, including new identities for people, on the Blockchain.


Some, like the Floating Island Project, have even gone so far as to seek out countries which are willing to let them legally exist nearby, essentially as true, physical sovereign nations.


In the case of this particular project, its main differentiators aren’t just new forms of identity verification on the Blockchain. It is also actively trying to give the real world a working model of a Blockchain-based nation that people can completely interact with.


For now, the “seasteaders” appear to exist relatively close to French Polynesia and it also seems that they’ve reached an agreement to the effect that they can exist there and will encounter no resistance from their neighbors.


This has, realistically, turned out to be a tenuous partnership given what French Polynesia is. At its core, it isn’t actually a sovereign nation, meaning that its effectively governed by France even though it sits far away, in the Pacific Ocean.


Furthermore, according to a recent article by CoinTelegraph, the idealism of these projects has faded a bit in response to governmental pressure against the creation of new nations that don’t need any traditional form of bureaucracy to function.


All in all, it could actually be said that the larger part of the resistance to these projects comes from this idea of eliminating the bureaucracy. In eliminating massive amounts of required paperwork to live and work as citizens of nations, our current government officials also become obsolete, and what follows, is our governmental organizations losing their purpose, all the way up to our executive branches.


According to the same report by CoinTelegraph, the Floating Island Project has not currently established any full cities and everything is in the early stages, as of yet.


With the target year of 2022 for a large group of floating cities to be finished, it will be truly captivating to see how all of this plays out, especially with the project being backed by powerful and well-known investors like Peter Thiel.


In truth, the full establishment and recognition of such a project as a nation by the highest authorities like the United Nations, could take an untold amount of years to come to fruition. On the other hand, in the deeper future, we could all be living in Blockchain societies. This is, either way, only the first step, as of yet.




By: BGN Editorial Staff


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