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The Problem with Fidelity’s Crypto Trading Platform

October 16, 2018

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Nvidia and Ubex: Changing the way we see Internet Advertising

June 18, 2018


Some of you might know the company, Nvidia already through its existence as one of the world’s most successful producers of graphics cards. On top of this, as a consequence, it has also become even more successful due to the proliferation of graphics card based Crypto mining.


Due to this success, Nvidia has moved to investing into Blockchain firms and one of its latest forays is into a firm called Ubex, which wants to use a specialized, artificial neural network, which is a computerized version of a human brain, to change how advertisements are shown on websites.


The specific way that they’re aiming to do this is by mining public, customer data on the Ubex Blockchain to more efficiently target advertisements.


Essentially, the ANN takes in data from customer activity on the internet and based on its ultimate goal, it works to improve the performance of internet advertisements in some specific way. What isn’t clear right now is what kind of ultimate goal this particular network has. To explain further, each and every AI has such a goal like one day working on a problem with ninety five percent accuracy for example. Everything that they do leads towards achieving this goal in what they decide is the best possible way to do so.


The Ubex CEO was quoted in a piece by Coin Desk as saying that the company uses a Blockchain because it is trying to be transparent, while promoting quick transactions on its network. Over all of this, the main purpose of the Ubex-chain seems to be to provide the necessary and ongoing training data for the company’s AI, so that it can continuously learn and improve how it targets internet advertisements.


This, put together with the overarching fact that Ubex’s ultimate goal actually might be said to be improving online advertising algorithms, is what attracted Nvidia to investing in their idea in the first place. Nvidia has even updated part of their main website to include the idea of them being a leader in Artificial Intelligence and computing, because of their investing efforts.


On top of Ubex’s final goal, it also hopes that it will one day reach a point in which it has no issues generating enough data to change internet advertising at a large scale. As of now, however, the chain is only in its test net phase.


The implications of such a venture are powerful. If an artificial neural network put together with a Blockchain can change how we experience internet advertising in a way that it is no longer intrusive, then perhaps more companies will see lasting results from online campaigns that include greater customer trust in what they are doing.


This end result could be said to be likely due to Ubex’s goal of cutting out the middle man and changing internet advertising to the point that it only includes publishers and advertisers, who interact in a direct exchange. Due to the fact that they plan to use the Blockchain to mine customer data, however, it will be essential that they act within the law and do not damage their business beyond repair because of a perceived breach of customer rights to privacy.




By: BGN Editorial Staff


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