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The Problem with Fidelity’s Crypto Trading Platform

October 16, 2018

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The Most Innovate Blockchain Casino Platform - MECACOIN

June 27, 2018







“The world’s first blockchain online casino offered on a decentralized ownership platform”


MecaCasino, a third-generation blockchain-based casino project, aims to launch its gaming services in 2019 in collaboration with ME2On Co., Ltd. (“ME2ON”) The company currently offers seven 3D technology-based casino table games and slot machine games available as VR games compatible with the Oculus mobile platform. In 2019, the team will release a social sports betting feature and other new offerings. ME2ON boasts a substantial user base in North America and throughout Asia.


MecaCasino assures complete transparency and fair game-play by utilizing blockchain to generate random numbers from a triple-layer system. As a result, game results are verifiable and protected from any manipulative or fraudulent activities. MecaCasino provides not only the most transparent game-play without the intervention of intermediary operators, but also decentralizes the ownership structure to allow users to buy, own, and operate each casino, where participants themselves can lead the games. Users are entitled to revenue sharing by operating casinos, and the assets are securely traded on smart contracts. Also, by reducing the revenue rate of the “house edge” and service charges to less than 1% combined (a fraction compared to fees charged by traditional online casino operators - 10% on average), participants can play games at almost no charge.


MecaCasino announced that they will launch the service as dApps built on top of the ICON Network (ICON (ICX) is ranked as a top-20 global coin). The company made the decision to adopt a third-generation blockchain rather than Ethereum due to the nature of the social casino game offerings, and the high level of transaction speed and scalability required. It has been determined that ICON’s mainnet has sufficient TPS rate to support social casino games and has proven security measures capable of  successfully integrating a unified blockchain protocol for financial institutions in Korea.


ME2ON is a leading game developer and publisher based in Seoul, South Korea specializing in online social casino games. ME2ON is the key development partner of MecaCoin, and currently operates a diverse array of social casino games with over 70 million users worldwide with MAU of more than 10 million. MecaCasino is expected to have technical and business advantages by implementing ME2ON’s know-how, development engine, and its substantial global user base.  ME2ON is a publicly-listed company in South Korea.


CRYPTOMECA, is preparing to secure investments from ICON and other prominent crypto funds. MecaCasino is highly differentiated by its high-quality contents and its unique blockchain system with true decentralization, making it truly distinctive from other blockchain casino/gamble projects.


For further information, please visit mecacoin.io

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