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October 16, 2018

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Tron Current Leadership Called into Question


The Tron network’s election of its future leadership team began this week. The people who will essentially control the future of the network are called super representatives, though their exact responsibilities are in doubt due to the cryptic nature of Tron’s announcements on the subject.


Even so, the essence of these network members is that they will serve as the democratic representatives of the entire community’s interests, at least, according to an article on the subject by Coindesk.


Furthermore, this election will showcase how “Delegated Proof of Stake” networks truly work, with others like Cardano not quite reaching the point at which they can call their similar mechanisms operational.


With Cardano in mind, it should be remembered that Tron is not the first to announce the usage of a Proof of Stake consensus protocol that depends on the voting of special users.


Tron has not positioned itself against Cardano, at least not directly. They seem to be more inclined to challenge the Ethereum network, with claims like their consensus protocol will enable them to process transactions faster than Ethereum currently does or is currently capable of one day doing.


Going back to the responsibilities of super representatives, what is known is that they will be elected by all of the current network users staking their tokens to vote for certain users who are apparently running for the positions.


The problem now is that Tron is in a sort of purgatory between being in a development stage in which its founding team controlled the network, and being fully live, at which point its users will control the network.


According to the same report by Coindesk that was mentioned above, at this point, 27 anonymous users control the operation of the Tron Blockchain.


They will supposedly continue to do so until the election of the super representatives takes place.


To make matters a bit more confusing, the Tron Foundation, which includes its founder, released two conflicting announcements about how these temporary representatives were chosen.


One stated that users chose them in an election and the other stated that the network’s development team chose the representatives based on certain technical skills, which were not publicly disclosed.


All in all, this means that no one really knows who these users are or how they were chosen.


As is stated by Coindesk, it is clear that those who are already detractors of Tron will seize this opportunity to point out the confusing and risky nature of the project.


Supporters will, most likely, find just about any reason to state that the opposite is true in both cases.


Whatever the truth is, it would seem that in the very least, if you have Tron tokens at this point, you should not be too quick to take any action with them without considerable research on the subject.




By: BGN Editorial Staff


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