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The Problem with Fidelity’s Crypto Trading Platform

October 16, 2018

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Czech VC Pools Resources into Israeli Blockchain Firms



The United States is not the only place where investing into Blockchain firms has become a highly lucrative practice.


Benson Oak is a venture capital firm with its headquarters in Prague that has more than a 20 year track record of investing in various industries to the tune of $5 billion globally.


As of now, they have taken down their website and almost all existing press on them seems to be about one thing.


Benson Oak’s moving to support the Blockchain space.


The kicker is they are not yet planning on investing in the most popular Blockchain countries, which usually include the United States, China, Japan, Singapore, as well as sometimes, Russia.


Benson Oak’s new fund will focus only on Israeli startups that, to quote the Jerusalem Post, “have an emphasis in Blockchain technologies.” Since the launch of this particular fund, the company has seen investments come in at the level of $25 million.


The inspiration for Benson Oak’s Blockchain endeavor apparently came from Robert Cohen, a managing partner at the company, as well as the company’s experience investing in one technology company called AVG, which gave them a return of over 100 times their initial investment.


In Cohen’s case, he cited the firm’s previous experience in the Israeli market as well as his personal belief that Israeli entrepreneurs are using the Blockchain to engineer the platforms that will head up our future.


Related to this, it should also be made clear that Cohen apparently lives in Israel and has been running a subsidiary of the main Benson Oaks company there for six years.


As of now, further details are hard to come by as the company’s new website is still under construction and they have not released the specific details of who will participate in their fund, as well.


Until the point at which this venture goes entirely public, it will only be helped along by the fact that the Israeli government apparently exercises a very active view point on the Blockchain, including implementing it in its own departments.



By: BGN Editorial Staff


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