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October 16, 2018

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Fujistu: Going for Speed over Substance?

July 13, 2018


If Fujitsu has its way, then some of the current Blockchain as a Service companies might be going out of business sooner rather than later.


The mega company appears to be poised to launch its own consultancy which aims to roll out proprietary Blockchains for interested companies in as little as five days.


Judging by the source that originally broke the news, which is a technology news service called “The Register,” each Blockchain, from start to finish, will cost right around 10,000 Euros, from start to finish.


According to Coindesk’s piece on the same subject, this process will include coverage for lessons about how to use and understand a Blockchain, for the company that purchases the service, as well as a personalized report on the way that the company could use a Blockchain to improve what it already does.


The piece by The Register suggests that, per primary sources at Fujitsu, the process will more specifically involve proving whether the company needs a Blockchain and if it does, how exactly it can use it related to what its customers feel that they still need.


This sort of service is specifically targeted to businesses who are not able to do in-house Blockchain development due to a lack of knowledge, a lack of the proper resources, or both.


Going back to the involvement of the customer in Fujitsu’s offering, the idea is that through some sort of direct workshops, by the end of a week, Fujistu’s consultants will be able to determine if and how the company’s Blockchain will be used.


Overarching all of this is the fact that Fujitsu already has around 50 patents related to the Blockchain and they have also already successfully launched other Blockchain services related to data storage, data exchange, and other areas.


In addition to this, the major caveat is that the 10,000 Euros is reportedly, completely non-refundable. In essence, the company foots the bill regardless of whether or not the Fujitsu consultancy determines that a Blockchain will work for it or not.


If it does, the company will have a working prototype by the end of the week, which signals a major shift in the trend of Blockchain companies waiting up to a year to launch real, usable products.



By: BGN Editorial Staff

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