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The Problem with Fidelity’s Crypto Trading Platform

October 16, 2018

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Boeing and Blockchain Autonomous Vehicles

July 19, 2018



AI and the Blockchain are getting together again like they have many times in the recent past.


On July 17th, Boeing announced a new partnership with a company called SparkCognition, with the goal of eventually launching a platform that will be able to effectively act as a Blockchain-based, autonomous air traffic controller.


What this appears to mean is that with the help of Artificial Intelligence, the system will be able to function on its own and direct autonomous vehicles in terms of where to take off and land, as well as where to fly during their routes.


According to a piece by Cointelegraph on the subject, this launch will also include some sort of interface that will aim to help autonomous vehicles retrieve and deliver packages as well as go through any sort of required inspection, per industrial standards.


Furthermore, the same press release by Boeing also mentioned the possibility of other use cases for their platform and its accompanying interface, which they have not determined yet.


Overarching all of this, will apparently be an organization called Boeing NeXt.


This will be Boeing’s strategic business unit that will leverage the company’s research and partnerships to actively do things like use autonomous flying vehicles to solve current issues in transportation.


One of Boeing’s VPs was quoted in the press release as saying that, essentially, the company hopes to lead the way in transforming our transportation methods for the better.


The current CEO of SparkCognition seemed just as enthusiastic about the partnership, if not more so, saying that he believes it will create the largest new market that we will see in our lifetimes.


Related to this statement, it seems that Boeing’s chief hope through all of this is to push us into the driverless age.


Given the common, current views on autonomous vehicles as being dangerous and not ready for mass production, it can be assumed that all eyes will be on Boeing’s strategy to change public perception going forward.



By: BGN Editorial Staff

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