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The Problem with Fidelity’s Crypto Trading Platform

October 16, 2018

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The Blockchain in Hospitals: A New Future for Healthcare

July 31, 2018


One of the most well-known hospitals in the United States is now moving into the Blockchain industry.


Despite this, before you proclaim across social media that the advent of Bitcoin was always bound to change health care as we know it, it is important to begin by understanding the facts of the move.


On July 31, Mount Sinai’s Icahn School of Medicine announced the launch of its “Center for Biomedical Blockchain Research,” which will exist in the midst of its older, yet just as forward-thinking wing called the “Institute for Next Generation Healthcare.”


Given that this particular institute is already researching possible new usages of artificial intelligence, robotics, genomic sequencing, sensors, and wearable devices, in the medical industry, the launch of a Blockchain center might seem to have been inevitable.


In other words, this was already where the hospital’s most forward thinkers were doing their work, so why not add Blockchain technology to the mix? When the situation is understood in this way, it might seem as if the launch is not really a prominent piece of news, as much an inevitable but nice step in the right direction.


Despite this sense that is given, Coindesk’s article on the subject says that the center will not only work on academic research related to medicine and the Blockchain, but also on building their own Blockchains, free of existing networks, and studying them.


When this is added to the news that the center will be headed up by Joel Dudley, who has not only worked in medicine but also in artificial intelligence, then other possible connections come to light.


Is it, in fact, possible that the new wing might end up working on projects in which AI, medicine, and the Blockchain intersect? With the existence of projects like Farmatrust, which already has connected the pharmaceutical industry with both of the other aforementioned industries, the possibility is definitely there.


Once the center begins publishing its research for the first time, we will begin to see exactly what it means to be a first mover related to developing new connections among some of the most important industries, today.



By: BGN Editorial Staff



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