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The Problem with Fidelity’s Crypto Trading Platform

October 16, 2018

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Blockchain: The Future of Freelance Work

August 7, 2018


Can freelancing truly be a career? A recent report by Upwork seems to believe the answer is yes, if you have certain skills.


In the beginning of this month, Upwork posted their latest quarterly skills index, which serves to try to show what freelance skills are experiencing the most growth, with the users of their platform as the group being measured.


The top skill that has experienced the most growth out of any other skill in freelancing, according to their report, is “Blockchain.” Upwork stated that over the last year, they have seen a 3,500% growth related to users listing this as one of their skills.


The key question is: what exactly do they mean by Blockchain as a skill? If this is taken at face value, it appears to mean that the people in question have technical skills related to the Blockchain, like proficiency in applicable programming languages.


Despite this, based on job postings on the Upwork platform, the Upwork company has reportedly made a slightly different conclusion. Not only does the skill “Blockchain,” include programmers, it also includes marketers, social media managers, and writers, who work in the space.


In other words, these quarterly findings seem to represent a massive growth in freelance professionals moving to this new and novel industry.


According to CCN, Upwork’s findings have come at the same time as firms like KPMG have reported overall, significant growth in the Blockchain industry. In connection with this growth, comes a proven rise in demand for Blockchain professionals who have the same skills mentioned by Upwork.


With one report by a data analytics firm called IHS Market indicating that Blockchain will shift from a $2.5 billion business value to a $2 trillion business value from now until 2030, one can reasonably conclude that working in Blockchain is fairly close to a safe career.


In truth, it all comes down to the future regulation of the space. Can countries avoid stifling Blockchain innovation?



By: BGN Editorial Staff



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