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The Problem with Fidelity’s Crypto Trading Platform

October 16, 2018

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What is MOAC?

August 13, 2018



It’s the new and improved version.


That’s what we hear day in and day out in the Blockchain industry about basically every new project.


MOAC, or “the Mother of all Chains,” which has risen to the 38th spot on Coinmarketcap from seemingly out of nowhere, is no exception.


Back in April, Forbes ran a piece that claimed that MOAC is the Blockchain that will rise above and “outperform Ethereum.” The main arguments for this, across multiple sources, are that MOAC works in a similar way but has also enabled sharding as well as cross-chain transactions.


On top of these possible benefits, the MOAC chain works with multi-layer architecture, instead of what one can assume is single-layer architecture, which Forbes likens to the current version of the Ethereum network.


In attempting to explain this further, Ryan Wang, an executive at MOAC, was quoted as saying that since all Ethereum transactions are handled by the entire network, factors like Transactions per Second are limited.


In response to this, MOAC apparently allows its developers to send transactions to either the main chain, or micro chains, which are considered to be top layers of the MOAC network.


For an example of this, simple transfers of funds are done on the main chain, which MOAC calls, “the MotherChain,” while more complex transactions involving smart contracts are done on the top layers, which are as mentioned before, micro chains.


With all of this in mind, MOAC does seem to have more technical capabilities than the Ethereum network, but in referring back to our previous pieces, this is not enough to rise to the top of the Blockchain industry.


The top projects do have significant technical differentiators to offer like MOAC does, but unlike MOAC, they also have significant advantages related to marketing. While some would argue that marketing efforts should never determine what are the best Blockchain projects, the fact is that they do seem to.


Ask yourself: how else did we all find out about any of the top ten Cryptocurrencies?


In the Blockchain industry, marketing is not just about flashy advertisements. It involves organic growth on social media platforms like Telegram, and to a lesser extent, Steem.


In addition to this, hitting the big time in the Crypto space means having the right SEO so your project comes up when prospective investors search for new opportunities in the space.


Time will tell whether MOAC will check all of the boxes so that it can join the industry’s giants but as of now, it seems to have the technical side locked down.




By: BGN Editorial Staff

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