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The Problem with Fidelity’s Crypto Trading Platform

October 16, 2018

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Google Influenced Atlas Protocol Secures Seed Capital

August 21, 2018


Atlas Protocol secured a seed round of $3 million, led by SB China Venture Capital, along with BV (Baidu Ventures), Danhua Capital (DHVC) and Fenbushi Digital. The project is an application layer protocol for blockchains. The concept applies the benefits of blockchain technology to the data compiling and marketing strategies of Google. The focus is on interactive advertising & marketing, while maintaining an independent and secure user experience.


Atlas Protocol (ATP)


The project was originally incubated by Nebulas Labs (NAS) and xGoogler Blockchain Alliance (xGBA). The protocol is a technical infrastructure that will facilitate a new interactive advertisement blockchain ecosystem. The ideal result is a small revolution in the world of marketing, where it becomes more interactive and pays back to the users instead of just taking their data and use habits outright.


Atlas Protocol proposes an original media model in the blockchain market, defining these new marketing standards among advertisers, publishers, and users. It enables the value ranking mechanism for onchain targets from Nebulas, and enables value circulation through tokens.


"Blockchain is a value network, Nebulas Rank provides a way to measure the value of multidimensional data in the blockchain. The core algorithm of Atlas Protocol is based on the expanded Nebulas Rank. It will create a trustworthy new marketing channel and define a new tokenized marketing frontier." - Duran Liu, co-founder of Atlas Protocol (ATP)


ATP Smartdrop


This is the first service launched by Atlas Protocol. It was used in theNebulas Incentive Program, delivering token rewards to more than one hundred thousand users. ATP Smartdrop is an app using Atlas Protocol to provide “smart” marketing for distribution of tokens to certain users, rather than the current, blanket method.


Experienced Leadership


The founding team of the project has deep experience in blockchain and internet advertising, and all previously worked for Google. Team members include Duran Liu, former Head of Nebulas Labs; Cheng Li, former FreeWheel Engineering Director; Ellen Wang, founder of Linked-Media.


Technical advisors include Hitters Xu, founder of Nebulas and AntShares, Jeremy Zhou, co-founder of Jide Technology and the first engineer of Google AdWords, Professor Ronghui Gu of Columbia University and co-founder of CertiK, will be the technical advisors of the project. After the fundraising, Atlas Protocol (ATP) will continue to grow the team, optimize its products and expand market channels.


xGoogler Blockchain Alliance (GBA)


The community where Atlas Protocol was incubated was founded by a group of previous Google employees interested in blockchain technology, two of whom are involved in Atlas Protocol - Hitters Xu, Andy Tian and Daniel Wang (Founder of Loopring).


GBA community aims to help each other advance our ambitions in blockchain spaces. The community consists of blockchain project founders, early team members, investors and mentors.


"Google has always been in the forefront of new technologies worldwide, from Android to AI. As Googlers, we can bring our unique experiences to expand blockchain's influence, to everyone, everywhere." - Andy Tian, co-founder and founder of GIFTO


SB China Venture Capital (SBCVC)


Established in 2000, SBCVC has become a leading venture capital investment and private equity funds management company. Their portfolio includes successful companies such as Alibaba, Taobao and Focus Media.


BV (Baidu Ventures), Danhua Capital (DHVC) and Fenbushi Digital also participated in this round of investment. The group of investors highlights the project’s vision, and experienced team behind it. They believe it can address interactive advertisement marketing problems to create a blockchain adtech alliance. This could eliminate information discrepancies in the industry, and generate more traffic on the blockchain ecosystem.



By: BGN Editorial Staff


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