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The Problem with Fidelity’s Crypto Trading Platform

October 16, 2018

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Crypto Education and Youtube

August 22, 2018


With the Crypto market as it is, we have been hearing the call for coming up with novel ways to bring about widespread adoption, time and time again. Overall, a key theme in these discussions is education.


There seems to be a high level of agreement in the industry that if we continuously and effectively educate the public on the virtues of the Blockchain, then we will continue to get closer to the snowball effect that leads to a global paradigm shift.


In other words, as is said time and time again on Crypto twitter: when moon?


Let’s pump the brakes for a second.


The major stumbling block to coming together on educating the masses usually arises when these same industry professionals are asked: where should we begin?


One possible answer is to use advertising in as many ways that we possibly can, to reach a progressively wider audience.


Up to now, seeing a Crypto advertisement offline is a rare occurrence at best. At the same time, online, some of the most effective advertising channels have arguably been Youtube stars with massive viewerships.


With any argument, there is another side to things.


In this case, it is important to remember that several Youtubers have been harshly criticized for their exploitation of viewers for personal gain in the space, which brings back the often heard Crypto world axiom that each person should “do his or her own research,” before putting their trust in any Crypto endeavor.


Doing so, of course, includes finding out the facts for yourself before trusting any self-proclaimed Youtube expert.This is not to say that none of them can be trusted, but that finding a trusted blogger in the space is synonymous with vetting a Crypto project as a viable investment opportunity. For starters, look at the Bitconnect debacle if you are not familiar with it yet.


 All in all, what we are getting at here is that educating the general public about the Blockchain industry should include educating them about who its trusted figures are.

Still, the problem is: how do we decide who these people are in a way that indicates an industry wide consensus on the subject?


In all honesty, the short answer is that this is nearly impossible due to the nature of the Crypto world. Crypto followers get together on some things and form cliques around other things. When an influencer falls behind a particular Crypto project, so do its users and vice versa.


Until the polarization of the space is slowed by its inevitable consolidation, the only way that we can reliably educate newcomers is to continue to provide welcoming communities, on a project by project basis. Bitcoiners should focus on Bitcoiners, Litecoiners should focus on Litecoiners, and whenever we can, we should meet in the middle on issues that move the greater space forward.


Because the industry is meant to be at least mostly decentralized, we can all assume as well that Satoshi would not have it any other way.



By: BGN Editorial Staff

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