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The Problem with Fidelity’s Crypto Trading Platform

October 16, 2018

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Bityond ICO: Invest While You Can!

August 29, 2018


note: Bityond Crowdsale ends on the 15th Semptember 2018.


In simple terms, Bityond is aiming to fully decentralize recruitment.


As a recruitment platform, Bityond already has many needed improvements, when compared to competitor platforms like Linkedin, Freelancer, Upwork and the alike.


What Bityond does is combining recruiting with talent management.

In other words:


A. Organizations can recruit candidates by creating open-job opportunities or,

B. Organizations can manage employees by creating closed-job opportunities for employees and other organization members only!


The way Bityond works is so simple and user-friendly, it hurts.


Bityond matches your skills to job opportunities. It takes into consideration your salary expectations, availability, location, expertise and actual interest in a certain skill-set.


So that matching actually works Bityond created a couple of different incentives:

  1. There is no random-job spam: you only see jobs that match your skills, and organizations can only invite to interviews and jobs, candidates whose skills match the job-requirements.

  2. Skills matching that actually works: because we took the time to collect skills from different sectors of activity like IT, Healthcare, Law, Construction, Business and so on, and we’ve standardized all, there is coherence!

  3. There is no matching by job title: yes, you read it correctly. What’s the purpose of matching job titles if what matters, at the end, are skill-sets?

  4. You can review other people’s profiles, but only if there is a project connection. This is, you can only review people you actually worked with. So long, terrible random reviews!

  5. An actual economic incentive: the best part for any Bityond user is that, for completing profile registration, adding news skills, getting added to an organziation, project, job, etc — YOU GET PAID BITYOND TOKENS!

Beautiful, isn’t she?


Why Should You Participate In Bityond’s Ongoing ICO?!

Because we have a full-product released, customers using Bityond, candidates registered and jobs getting posted!


In order to really grow Bityond and to take it into the next level, we need your help: we need a bigger community, we need funds to spend into better and well-though marketing campaigns, we need to go to more universities to attract the best user-base as possible and we need to get more companies into Bityond!

We know, some of you are suspicious. There are so many scammy ICOs out there, completely over-promising with no code developed or business plan in place, it’s scary. Plus, usually the goal is to raise insane amounts of cash — because it seems more funding = success.


Not us, guys.

That’s definitely not our goal. We are raising 400 ETH only, as we don’t want to spend your hard-earned cash into over-priced PR campaigns. More however, you are free to visit our github repository for smart-contracts and see for yourself how it has been created! Also, don’t forget to signup at Bityond and actually try our product (100% free!).


We have committed to creating 2 full-versions of Bityond, finding customers and candidates and testing our product before looking for funding.


That’s how we like to do things around here.


Why An ICO? What’s The Token For?!


We have an awesome purpose for our token: the Bityond Token (BYT). We are giving Bityond’s governance away to all token holders!


That’s right. You will be able to make decisions in terms of:


A. Platform development: what new features get added? What new improvements will Bityond have? Your votes decide.


B. Subscriptions purchasing: with tokens you can activate your employer subscription and start creating jobs! You can also pay in fiat too, but hey, where’s the fun in that!


C. Reporting and analytics: we will create in-depth reporting for all token holders, which can give a hedge on how better finding jobs and recruiting/managing people!

Any Rewards For Investors?!


Oh mamma, yes indeed!


A. You always get BYT for free for using Bityond.


B. We have 10 Million BYT reserved for airdrops — only for token holders!


C. Any improvement on Bityond necessarily needs tokens to move forward. Guess who owns the majority? That’s right. All of you investors!


How Can I Get Bityond Tokens?!

Have we convinced you to help us grow? Awesome! That’s the whole purpose of this PR campaign with the great people of ADVFN.

  1. Go to Bityond’s ICO page and give it a read.

  2. Click in “participate now” and go through the small form we’ve prepared.

  3. After you complete it, you’ll receive an email with our Crowdsale page.

  4. You can participate by sending ether through metamask!


Click here to go directly to our investment page!

Don’t forget to check our video instructions or downloadable PDF.



Thank you for your support!


Let’s make Bityond the greatest recruitment & talent management platform out there!


Pedro Febrero (twitter @febrocas)


Bityond’s Founder

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