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The Problem with Fidelity’s Crypto Trading Platform

October 16, 2018

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IBM’s Blockchain GM - Marie Wieck Driving Innovation

August 29, 2018


This summer has shown several major developments for IBM blockchain technology. The company is often viewed as a “traditional” company, and does not get the hype of other tech companies like Google or Apple. More importantly, many of these achievements are involving real world implementation of the technology and new partnerships that are spreading its use and practice to bring benefits to things like cyber security, food safety and supply chain efficiency.


“We are doing work in every single industry, and I learn something new every day, but one of the most exciting areas is our focus on food safety and ending food waste with the ultimate goal of alleviating world hunger. Every improvement you make in shelf life, traceability and prevention of disease helps to address the roughly 30% waste in the food supply chain. Can you imagine how many people you could feed with that extra food?” - Marie Wieck


Just in the past three months, IBM was granted seven blockchain related patents, on-boarded 92 companies to their blockchain shipping platform with Maersk, started a blockchain education platform, began development of a stablecoin with Stellar Lumens and on-boarded several new companies to their packaged food tracking platform, IBM Food Trust.


Patent Leaders


IBM inventors received a record 9,043 patents in 2017. They have lead total patents per year in the U.S. for 25 years, and now have over 100,000. Just under half of this year’s patents granted to IBM in 2017 are pioneering advancements in AI, cloud computing, cybersecurity, quantum computing, and blockchain technology. They lead computer companies in blockchain patents with 27, followed by Dell with only 8. Google and Apple only total 6 combined.


Marie Wieck


The IBM blockchain program is headed up by Marie Wieck. She started doing mainframe systems architecture with the company 30 years ago, launched IBM’s MobileFirst business and is now driving open ecosystem growth for Blockchain. IBM focuses their development using the open-source HyperLedger Fabric network.


“We aren’t just talking about how blockchain can address the challenge of digital rights management or trade finance. We are now asking “how can we do this at scale?”... This means we’re also creating new businesses and new models — not just saving time, or money for an owner. I haven’t seen this much interest in a new technology and entrepreneurship since the early days of the Internet… We aren’t focused on crypto-currencies per se, but on new business models like asset backed tokens, loyalty “points”, and stable coins which can provide new sources of value.” - Marie Wieck



By: BGN Editorial Staff


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