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The Problem with Fidelity’s Crypto Trading Platform

October 16, 2018

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Growing Blockchain Public Awareness and Common Knowledge

September 7, 2018


Major businesses tech businesses have been researching and implementing blockchain solutions for years, where IBM has gone as far as developing a cryptocurrency payment system for internal transaction settlements. But the benefits to supply chain systems has brought new blockchain systems to companies like Walmart and Amazon.


Industry Workforce Shortage


As use cases grow, the distinction between blockchain and cryptocurrencies is becoming more understood in the business world. However, this is bringing a shortage of professionals who have the knowledge to develop and work within the field. Hyperledger fabric is one of the most widely used blockchain systems for enterprise solutions. They now offer courses on their network, ‘Hyperledger Fabric Fundamentals,’ and a “Blockchain for Business” course via edX.org, a non-profit online education platform.


“[The pace of this growth is] leading to a shortage of professionals who are qualified to implement and manage [the technology] on an enterprise scale. After seeing more than 100,000 students take our free introductory Hyperledger course, we knew it was time for more advanced training options, and certification exams to demonstrate the extent of professionals' knowledge." - Clyde Seepersad


Popular online education platform Coursera has just released a blockchain education course as well. In partnership with Ethereum focused blockchain development organization ConsenSys “Blockchain: Foundations And Use Cases” is now available.


Because of workforce scarcity and the knowledge specialty, the effort of further education is outweighed by the new careers available. The available jobs are likely above average pay, and will be a driving factor of increasing public awareness.


Public Awareness


A survey last month by the international research service YouGov Omnibus collected reached 1202 Americans last month to assess their interest in using cryptocurrency. Highlights of the data:

  • 79% of Americans know of at least one cryptocurrency (almost always Bitcoin)

  • 13% percent of participants saying they have heard of Ethereum

  • 87% of those who have heard about Bitcoin have never interacted with it

  • 34% do not think that crypto will become widely accepted

  • 36% would be interested in primarily using a cryptocurrency rather than USD


Millennial Contrast - Younger generations are traditionally in the forefront of technology, and become the driving force for adoption of new technology. It is important to remember that the oldest Millennials are no nearing the age of 40, but overall the age group is perfectly situated to further their education and enter a burgeoning field.

  • 44% of them predicting wider adoption.

  • 48% Millennials would be interested in primarily using a cryptocurrency rather than USD


European Contrast - International data research company Ipsos recently polled 1,000 people in 15 European countries on behalf of ING Bank B.V., showing that although overall fewer people were aware of cryptocurrencies than in America, a similar population would be comfortable transitioning to digital currencies over fiat.

  • 66% have heard of cryptocurrency

  • 9% own crypto

  • 25% will own some in the future. 

  • 35% agreed that crypto is the “future of spending online”

  • 35% said it will increase in value in the following 12 months



By: BGN Editorial Staff

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