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October 16, 2018

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Someone Actually Threatens Google’s Industry Supremacy

September 14, 2018


Have you heard about the Brave browser?


If you have not experienced it yet and you are interested in Blockchain technology as well as Cryptocurrencies, then you should give it a try. From its inception, Brave and the Basic Attention Token that fuels it have structured themselves as the browser ecosystem of the future, which puts the ownership of a user’s data back into his or her own hands.


Up until now, they have arguably been doing most of their work behind the scenes, or more within the Blockchain space.


As of yesterday, it seems as if Brave has come out of its shell in a big way, given the fact that they have filed General Data Protection Regulation complaints against Google in the United Kingdom and Ireland.


For those of you who may not be familiar with the GDPR, it is essentially a European law that seems to require all internet companies who do business on the European continent to comply with certain new regulations, related to protecting consumer data, which mainly includes being completely transparent about how they use said data.


Because of this, some smaller websites including local American news outlets, have completely closed their doors to European searchers, which would appear to indicate their unwillingness to comply with these new rules.


In the case of Brave’s complaints against Google, what is logically most significant is what they claim Google has continued to do in Europe, even after the GDPR has been passed.


All in all, Brave alleged that Google’s known practice of “real-time bidding,” which is how they get companies to purchase highly personalized advertisements through their search engine, circumvents the GDPR in that it allows the trading of user sexual orientations, political views, and ethnicities.


According to a Crypto Coins News article on the subject, if these complaints are successful, Google may be fined up to 4% of its global revenue, which would mean around $4.4 billion. Furthermore, if Google were barred from doing business as it currently does, then the accepted way of advertising online just might shift toward Brave’s way of thinking.


If this did happen, this would indicate a global movement to decentralized models of advertising, which would mean a true large step towards the Blockchain becoming an international standard.


As of now, however, given that Google has directly disputed the claims and the process is still ongoing, all of this is merely hypothesizing.



By: BGN Editorial Staff

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