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The Problem with Fidelity’s Crypto Trading Platform

October 16, 2018

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Coinbase to Become World’s One Stop Shop for Crypto

September 26, 2018



On the surface, it looks as if Binance accepts just about any Crypto asset for the right price. The kicker is: they also put each potentially listed asset through a rigorous verification process before accepting it to their platform, which seems to have cemented their status as the number one Crypto exchange.


Because of this, Binance continues to retain a vice grip on the Crypto exchange niche. Consistently close behind, however, is Coinbase, Crypto’s de-facto father of all exchanges.


Until just recently, it seemed like Coinbase could do almost anything and still sit behind Binance, in the eyes of non-institutional Crypto investors.


Then, Tuesday’s announcement came to be.


Coinbase has finally create a concrete process for how it plans to accept Crypto assets to its services, in the future. What is truly means is that finally, it is clear that anyone can submit his or her Cryptocurrency project to the world’s first, true Crypto exchange, in the hopes of having it listed.


Above all, the whole process is as simple as filling out a few online forms.


With Coinbase flipping its policy to a completely transparent listing process, it seems that Cryptocurrency companies have an unparalleled opportunity to reach over the figurative walls and open the figurative gates for hordes of new users.


Binance may be Crypto’s most trusted exchange for now because of their reputation as being its most selective in terms of its listing process, but once Coinbase’s process has been live for a year or so, events may shift in another direction.


Coinbase has already achieved more regulatory acceptance than any other Crypto business by far, except Gemini, which would seem to have a much more restrictive asset listing process.


No longer is it a question of which one asset will be added every quarter or so. Now, it can be said that it is a question of when Coinbase will become Crypto’s master exchange.



By: BGN Editorial Staff

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