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October 16, 2018

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Where to Study the Blockchain

October 3, 2018


It is no secret that college age people in the United States and abroad have a growing interest in learning the ins and outs of Blockchain technology. Despite this, it was tough to figure out exactly where the best Blockchain programs are located in the United States.


As of yesterday, Coindesk has attempted to provide a list of recommended universities for anyone who is looking to get credit, or even the equivalent of a degree, in Blockchain technology.


The key questions seem to be: what makes these universities the best places to do so, as well as, what value do degrees or certificates in related programs from them have?


Once the list is understood, including the criteria that Coindesk used to determine which programs are the best, then it can be said to be easier to understand what value these programs would offering an enterprising Blockchain enthusiast.


First and foremost, the list includes ten schools.


Leading the pack is Stanford, in addition to the University of California at Berkeley and New York University. Bringing up number four is the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which some would consider to be a striking conclusion, given its reputation as the Blockchain leader in terms of universities, besides Stanford.


Bringing up the rear is the University of Pennsylvania, while the middle of the group includes Cornell University, Georgetown University, Harvard University, Duke University, and Carnegie Mellon University. According to the piece, all of them were ranked in terms of “three key quantitative factors: the number of blockchain-related courses, the number of blockchain organizations on campus, and each school’s access to the blockchain technology industry.”


Another way of understanding these three factors is that each school earned its place based on the classes related to the Blockchain that it offers, the funding that it gives to blockchain clubs and organizations, and the partners that they have in the Blockchain industry.


What is important to mention as far as the disadvantage of this study is that during the process, Coindesk makes it clear that they exerted no effort in terms of attempting to measure the quality of the classes, in question. Therefore, if you are looking for such a measurement, it might be best to find another list of Blockchain friendly universities online to compare to.


Furthermore, they gave course subjects a significant amount of weight that were not explicitly Blockchain and Cryptocurrency related, but did include a lot of information about these spaces. A key example of this would be Cybersecurity courses, which speak a lot about the Blockchain.


In terms of their measurements related to the overall importance of a Blockchain community on each campus, Coindesk weighted this measure significantly less than the importance of Blockchain courses. Falling further behind, in terms of their quantitative weights, were the importances of Blockchain organizations and Blockchain partnerships.


What all of these differences in weights mean is that the ranking of the schools was mostly based on course related criteria, as opposed to all of the other criteria, previously mentioned. Whether this distorts the list with some kind of serious bias is up for debate.


Even so, a strong argument could be made as to the importance of even measurements in the future, if Blockchain and Crypto program quality is to be considered.


All in all, if you are also wondering what value these programs have, looking at some of the press on schools like MIT and their work in the Blockchain industry, can be a good place to start. As you will be able to see with all of our links that are attached to these schools, every one of them has something to offer in terms of educating students about the Blockchain.



By: BGN Editorial Staff




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