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October 16, 2018

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Can the Blockchain Speed Up Your Journey?

October 9, 2018


What’s the biggest problem that you face while traveling through airports?


One study by SITA Lab, a division of the SITA company, has recently noted that the answer could be: a lack of efficiency throughout the entire process of air travel. Because of this, according to CCN, SITA Lab is working on eliminating what they called “siloed processes,” on the passenger journey.


While it may not be clear at first exactly what this means, just think about every slow point on your journey from one destination to the next via air travel.


Overall, SITA is saying that all of these points involve these “siloed processes.” In general, this seems to refer to all of the things that various airport and airline agencies must do to properly give the passenger “passage,” from one destination to the next.


In general, two ways in which airlines and airports have already agreed with SITA that there are interesting use cases for the Blockchain are in frequent flyer programs and the issuance of e-tickets. Precisely, according to the previously cited study from SITA by CCN, 34% of their airline respondents found the most striking use case to be in frequent flyer programs, while 59% found it to be in e-tickets.


In the hopes of significantly pushing these respondents forward in terms of actively adopting the Blockchain, SITA plans to launch something that they call “The Aviation Blockchain Sandbox.” According to the company’s initial press release, this appears to be a safe and free usage of the Blockchain on a trial basis, which can apply to any use case its airline and airport partners are struck by.


As this has not led to any major public breakthroughs in Blockchain usage as of yet, it remains to be seen whether the sandbox will act as the catalyst that SITA hopes it to be.



By: BGN Editorial Staff


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