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October 16, 2018

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Forbes Joins With Civil- The Future of Our News

October 9, 2018



In one of our previous posts, we discussed the possible utility of Civil with you. If you do not remember what this is, think about a Blockchain that can make the movement and creation of news stories, completely transparent and completely able to be monitored.


That is Civil, at its heart.


At the time that we initially shared the news about Civil with you, they had almost no known partners. Now, the tides have turned in what can really only be described as an auspicious turn of events.


Forbes has moved to the Blockchain because of Civil and what they are attempting to do for the global news industry.


Yes, you heard that right. Even so, it is important to also note here that this is coming from a post by Civil’s co-founder, Matt Coolidge, today. Inside of that post, Coolidge reportedly mentioned that Forbes will move all of its content to Civil, for the future, which will include examining new lines of business that are only possible with the Blockchain.



In spite of all of this, Forbes also appears to have corroborated this news of a partnership between the two companies. More specifically, according to Coindesk, Forbes mentioned that they believe this partnership will lead to a level of transparency that the world of journalism has never seen before.


All in all, according to a news outlet called Axios, one of the ways that they see this playing out include in allowing Smart Contracts to act as agreements with writers who want to publish pieces with Forbes.


In the end, what it will come down to is, of course, whether Civil succeeds in its goals over the long term, or not, which depends on network effects. If enough news organizations join their platform, then everything should work out. If not, then Civil made fade into the woodwork like a multitude of other projects that were supposed to save the world and never did.


By: BGN Editorial Staff

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