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October 16, 2018

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ICOs You Might Have Missed: Kambria.io

October 15, 2018


Just because an ICO happened a few months ago, does not necessarily mean that it was highlighted enough by the big players in Crypto and Blockchain news. Kambria.io is one of those firms that seems to have experienced this.


To understand Kambria, you need to first understand a bit about game theory. More specifically, it is important to understand how the Nash equilibrium can be used to describe the ideal state of collaboration.


At its heart, the Nash equilibrium is a game theory concept in which an economic system is at its ideal state of stability, because none of the participants in the system can gain an advantage over each other in any way, as long as everyone keeps the same strategy moving forward.


In a simple sense, imagine an industry in which all of the players are incentivized to collaborate or else the further success and development of the industry will be hamstrung.


This, in a way, is what Kambria is trying to do with the Artificial Intelligence industry, with the Blockchain underpinning its main system. Because the Blockchain is the foundation of the main Kambria network, this means that they do have their own Crypto coin.


As with any Crypto or Blockchain related project, the central question then becomes: how is this currency used?


As a sub-question, we could then also ask: is it actually meant to be a currency or a utility token, instead?


First and foremost, judging by the firm’s white paper, it is a utility token. Kambria’s KAT  token is based on the ERC20 standard, which means that for now, its existence is tied to the Ethereum Blockchain.


Second, it is used for incentivizing and tracking all participant work on the system.


Related to this, Kambria’s white paper mentions paying users who deliver what it deems to be “useful and concrete” work.


With all of this in mind, it can be said to be time to move in to exactly what Kambria is trying to do with its Blockchain platform. A Hackernoon piece on the subject actually explains this quite well in relatively non-technical terms.


Kambria’s team saw the problem that the Artificial Intelligence space does not seem to be developing any truly impactful consumer


Kambria is a public Blockchain platform that hopes to incentivize all interested businesses and developers to come together in one place to create Artificial Intelligence related products that are truly useful for consumers.


In terms of how they plan to do this, it all comes down to Kambria’s codebase.


If you are not yet familiar with this term, think about a codebase is a completed source code for some kind of specific technological product like a piece of software, an application, or even a robot.


With Kambria, the definition relates specifically to the third example as they hope to provide one easy place for AI development teams to work on the latest interesting projects in the space. What is perhaps most interesting is that these projects are not really targeted towards someone with no prior knowledge of AI, at this time. Even more specifically, their true targets are manufacturers who have some kind of need related to full robot systems or just robotic parts.


Because how this actually plays out in a way that keeps users on the network seems confusing, some further explanation might be needed.


Kambria is precisely meant to be an AI “innovation marketplace.”


 In total, it includes not only manufacturers, developers, and the open Kambria codebase, but also what the team calls “backers.” In short, backers seem to be people who fund the network and therefore development teams.


The specific interactions between these factions seem to play out with the manufacturers or businesses asking developers for a specific kind of AI project, the developers starting and eventually delivering on that project, and the backers being rewarded as the value of the network grows.


On a deeper level, anyone who attempts to do anything fraudulent to disrupt the flow of the network like submitting a fraudulent project or even a fraudulent request, can be reportedly be banned and even prosecuted, to ensure that all network participants are safe and the processes keep flowing.


Still, it would be reasonable to ask: given that people do not usually stay on a network unless they are incentivized to do so, how is Kambria incentivizing its participants?


The easy answer is with coin rewards for doing a specific kind of work on the network, like any Cryptocurrency project. The longer answer is that the developers are the only ones who are rewarded in this fashion, because they are the ones actively working on the codebase, for real businesses. As a secondary form of reward, Kambria is also hosting hackathons like many other Crypto networks, with the aim of improving its network by rewarding enterprising AI and Blockchain development teams in KAT tokens.


The problem with this form of reward is that at this time, it seems to completely rely on the KAT token having real value. Because it does not seem to be listed on any other major website where you can find all Cryptocurrency projects, two major possibilities are brought to light.


Either Kambria is struggling in its growth in some capacity, or it is proving the value of its token in another way, like pegging it to something more established such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. If the second case were true, then we would be able to call Kambria’s KAT a Stablecoin.


Since the ICO appears to have launched this summer, as the project moves forward, it will be interesting to see whether they can establish any news worthy accomplishments that truly drive users to their platform.


At this time, it seems that any such activity is being kept close to the breast.



By: BGN Editorial Staff

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