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October 16, 2018

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The Confusing Case of Blockchain Phones

October 23, 2018


From Sirin Labs to Pundi X and now the more mainstream company, HTC, it seems like everyone will soon be making a Blockchain phone. The problem with doing so is: for many people, it is not exactly clear why anyone would need a Blockchain phone, especially for an exorbitant price. Since the first two companies that we mentioned here come from the Blockchain industry, it will be reasonably harder for them to convince potential users of the utility of such a device, especially if these users come from outside their industry.


With HTC, however, explaining why such a phone is needed just might be possible for one simple reason.


Before they announced the upcoming release of the HTC Exodus, they were already a mainstream cell phone industry titan. This sort of confidence in Blockchain technology is basically what all industry professionals and investors have been waiting for. In other words, when are the big players really going to come in? When will we truly reach demand takeoff?


Reportedly, according to Coindesk’s article responding to HTC’s launch of the phone, the central point of the product is to use a smart phone to help the average person get used to dealing with public and private keys. In a more specific sense, it appears that they have a vision which begins with gradually teaching the average person about how these keys help him or her truly own his or her data. Beyond this, it is still unclear how HTC plans to differentiate a Blockchain phone from a regular smart phone.


Furthermore, it can reasonably be argued that since they are only letting interested customers pay for the device in Bitcoin and Ethereum for now, this is actually hurting their chances at widespread adoption. Despite its popularity, Crypto has not become an everyday item which most of the world owns, at this point.


Given that the phone is only in the early stages of its launch, we can all reasonably hope that the vision will shift over time. In truth, since they are still actively recruiting developers to improve the device, the chance for widespread adoption still remains.



By: BGN Editorial Staff



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