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October 16, 2018

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Best Selling Bitcoin Book Censored In China

November 6, 2018



“Mastering Bitcoin” is widely considered the best source for an introduction and further in depth knowledge on bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. It was released in 2015, but has since been made available for free as an e-book. The author of the book is Andreas Antonopolous, a prolofic author on topics related to computer coding and more specifically data security. He earned a degree in Computer Science and Data Communications and Distributed Systems from University College London, and went on to be a consultant for open source and open networks in the early 1990s.


Andreas Antonopolous has authored more than two hundred articles published in print and syndicated worldwide, but has become most well known for “Mastering Bitcoin,” along with his numerous talks available for free online, including an appearance as a TED Talk guest speaker. His newest publication “Mastering Ethereum” is expected to be released by the end of this month. However, almost more notably his first book was recently released in China, with some adaptations.


Bitcoin and China


An edited version of “Mastering Bitcoin” was aired in an ad on China’s state-run TV channel China Central Television (CCTV) two weeks ago. In this Mandarin translation, the title was altered to exclude any reference to Bitcoin (BTC. It reads approximately "Blockchain: the Road to the Digitization of Assets." This is a very important distinction, because even in one of Andreas’ talks he notes that:


“What is the difference between Bitcoin and "blockchain"? Blockchains are only one of the foundational technologies.”


However, the original English title is still visible on the cover alongside its edited Mandarin version. The first section of the book remains “What is Bitcoin?” as well. Andreas is still happy that the book has been made available in China:


“How cool is this: "Mastering Bitcoin 1Ed", on Chinese national TV. Even with a slightly sanitized title (no mention of Bitcoin), the content is the same. Hoping to visiting China next year. Maybe this brings more opportunities and conference invitations.”


China has maintained a hardline stance against decentralized cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is not recognized as legal tender in China, and financial institutions have been prohibited from cryptocurrency use. In September of last year they enacted a widespread ban on crypto exchanges and Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), following by further measures to prevent their use whatsoever in the country.



By: BGN Editorial Staff

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