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The Problem with Fidelity’s Crypto Trading Platform

October 16, 2018

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Crypto Wallets- One Improvement to Rule them All

November 16, 2018


As of now, we have reliable digital wallets for our Crypto. They are even quite easy to use if you do not mind reading and typing the long public and private keys to transact.


Still, we as a Blockchain industry represent a very small percentage of the world. The easy-to-use wallets that we have now have not exactly brought about widespread adoption and it is not off-base to wonder why.


This year, especially with our lengthy bear market that we are still experiencing, a strong argument can be made to easily answer this question. What this comes down to is you asking yourself: can we pay for our gas or even our bills now, with Crypto?


What about our groceries?


Related to this, can you walk into a grocery store and see the price of milk listed in a Cryptocurrency? Except in very special cases like when you can buy a grocery store gift card with Bitcoin, this does not even get close to being the case. Furthermore, in terms of prices being publicly listed in Bitcoin in high traffic places, the answer is still no, not yet.


Why are we mentioning all of this?


The intend is to leave you with one simple conclusion. Until someone figures out how to more directly tie Bitcoin and really any other Cryptocurrency with these parts of our daily lives, then we will continue to fail to attain widespread adoption. People need to see Crypto as something normal, something that at least fits alongside fiat currencies in the same contexts, for the short term.

In short, people need to see Cryptocurrencies as a necessity, just as much as gas or electricity are necessities. Until we need something like Bitcoin to adequately live, we are not there quite yet.



By: BGN Editorial Staff

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