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The Problem with Fidelity’s Crypto Trading Platform

October 16, 2018

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Messari Announces New Disclosure Registry

November 27, 2018

By now, we have all learned the importance of doing your own research before investing in any blockchain or cryptocurrency project. Just because this is common knowledge, however, does not expressly mean that it is easy to do.


Ask yourself now: what’s the biggest roadblock in terms of doing individual research on blockchain industry projects?


The most logical answer is simple.


None of us have enough time to sift through a veritable horde of different reports on a project and piece them together to get a semblance of a complete analysis of the offering.


To make matters even worse, some information that we, as investors, need is being kept private by companies even after their token sales. For a key example of this, think about the fact that how Crypto firms design their tokens is often never made public.


In the interest of shifting this trend of what they call “information asymmetry,” Messari, which is one of the Blockchain industry’s most well-known research firms, has decided to offer a solution.


According to Coindesk, today, Messari announced at the Consensus: Invest conference that they would be shifting most of their efforts towards creating a disclosure registry for both upcoming ICOs and existing Blockchain projects. Apparently, even now, they have already signed up 12 companies for their initial launch with another 20 waiting in the wings.


If you’re wondering what a disclosure registry is in this context then you are assuredly not alone.


Essentially this means Messari will provide a public, open-source database of typically private information on Blockchain projects that should help investors and all interested parties make better decisions and do better research in the space.

While this effort seems extremely promising, keep in mind that they have already made clear that full audits verifying a company’s holdings will not be included in this future platform. Still, having access to technical audits, token design frameworks and various other key documents, all in one place is a considerable step towards growing trust in the Blockchain industry. 



By: BGN Editorial Staff


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