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The Problem with Fidelity’s Crypto Trading Platform

October 16, 2018

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Why Crypto Company Profit Sharing Is the New Standard of Investing

December 3, 2018

Mainstream interest in cryptocurrency has brought a plethora of exchanges that offer varying degrees of security, different trading fees, and a wide range of tools for investors.


People heavily steeped in the crypto sphere often have to split their activities between different exchanges, which can be time consuming, difficult and unsafe. Due to the fast paced nature of the crypto market, some essentials, such as customer support and usability have been compromised.

Hoping to remedy this situation is a company called CryptoXchange, which claims to be “the only exchange you will ever need.”


As well as providing usability and round the clock support, it also encourages users to stay with the platform through buy back and profit sharing models that allow users to receive dividends for simply holding coins. You don’t have to invest millions or be high up in the company to have a stake in CryptoXchange, and the company predicts that this will foster loyalty and stability in the project.


CryptoXchange is a modular platform that encourages beginners, but also professionals, providing advanced analytic tools if required.


When up and running it will trade in over 100 cryptocurrencies, allowing users to buy, store and trade different currencies with some of the lowest fees around (0.2%).


CryptoXchange also boasts a secure, but rapid bank level KYC authentication process, working with IDnow to make sure that credentials are provided within 24 hours on the receipt of the required documents.


Exchanges can be very hostile for those who are not proficient in English. In markets such as Russia and the Middle East, a lack of support is turning off a large swathe of the market. This is why CryptoXchange will institute 24/7 support, in over 15 world languages. This means help can be given at any time in the preferred language of the user.


While all the benefits presented above are addressing the needs of the current market, CryptoXchange are also looking to set a standard for the future, which is why they have unveiled a profit sharing model to involve users in the long term success of the company.


CryptoXchange are looking to encourage investors to make their money work for them, and they don’t even have to be crypto experts. Through the XCHGE token and EARN coin, users can receive a 30% share of the profits.


The EARN coin can be received through either participating in the ICO, licencing a Masternode, or through simply holding XCHGE tokens on the CryptoXchange platform (the amount users earn depends on how many XCHGE tokens they hold). The EARN coin is used to execute any processes within the CryptoXchange ecosystem, and thus earns profits for the company.


With each profit cycle, EARN coins are bought back by CryptoXchange, which increases scarcity, thus pushing the price up and making investors’ coins more valuable. What’s more, under the profit sharing model, 30% of the profits will be used to reward EARN coin holders with weekly dividends.


Whether you are a cryptotrader or not, you can earn profits from simply holding XCHGE tokens and EARN coins.


Roni Baibochaev, the CEO of CryptoXchange, has not just a global exchange, but a worldwide blockchain banking framework that he hopes to establish as part of CryptoXchange’s long-term vision. The profit sharing model is especially important here, because no matter how the market changes, CryptoXchange will remain stable and be able to keep users satisfied. This is crucial in the long run.


With knowledgeable advisor Marc Schippke on board, CryptoXchange is set to create a new investment standard within the industry.




Source: Invest In Blockchain
By Editorial Staff


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