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The Problem with Fidelity’s Crypto Trading Platform

October 16, 2018

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Ether Hits a Freefall: Value Drawn into Question

December 7, 2018


Earlier today, the price of Ether dropped all the way down to $80, which is a far cry from its’ all-time high of $1431. As with any other major market movement in the history of cryptocurrencies, Twitter, Quora, and many other platforms quickly became awash with theories on why this was occurring. In most cases, these propositions seemed to amount to no more than hearsay or clear fear mongering, but in some cases, they continue to ring true.


Firstly, the idea that Ether has lost its’ true value somehow and will plummet to zero in the near future has little credence. The primary reason for this is quite simple. Numerous projects still exist that add real value to the Ethereum platform and show no signs of quitting. Think about Numer.ai, which has over $1 million in tokens staked on billions of predictions about just about everything. Furthermore, at this point, Ethereum based crypto exchanges account for around 730,000 transactions a month on average with 45,000 monthly active users.


While none of these numbers indicate anything close to widespread adoption, they do show that a value for Ether exists. If you’re wondering where our rationale comes from on a strategic level for stating this, think about network effects and platform strategy. The more users, the more value there is, and vice versa.


In the end, what we can conclude about the Ethereum network without considerable insider knowledge on the subject is that it has a value of more than zero. Any time that you hear someone profess to have special knowledge of what that value is, you should take such a claim with a grain of salt.


Truthfully, as with any investment vehicle, only considerably more time on the market will give us the answer that we all seek here. Think about how long the traditional stock markets have been operating for a moment. Just because cryptocurrencies are new technologies does not mean that we throw away all our common sense.


Crypto assets will remain volatile until they are consistently considered on the same level as traditional stocks. In other words, as a space, we are expecting too much at too early of a time.



By: BGN Editorial Staff

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