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The Problem with Fidelity’s Crypto Trading Platform

October 16, 2018

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Crypto Market Update (13 December 2018)

December 13, 2018


General Market Outlook


The market has lost much of what it gained over the previous 24 hours, but still some coins are making strong double digit gains. Overall, coins are split between positive and negative gains, while trading volume has slowed from $13 billion to $11 billion in 24 hours. Dentacoin (DCN) and Maker (MKR) are the major stand outs of the top 100 coins by market cap - up over 39% and 29% respectively in the past 24 hours. The value of Bitcoin (BTC) is just over $3,400 for -2.5% and a total market dominance of about 54.8%, and the value of Ethereum (ETH) is right at $90 for -1.5?% change in the past 24 hours. Market cap for the overall cryptocurrency market declined by $3 billion, falling to $108 billion total.



Major Headlines


New Opera Browser Crypto-Friendly


The Opera internet web browser, which is the standard application used on Android phones features a built in cryptocurrency wallet. They refer to the application as  “Web 3-ready” - which refers to the idea that structure of blockchain technology will be the onset of the next stage of the internet, founded on more efficient payment systems. The wallet supports ERC-20 standard tokens built on the Ethereum network, as well as ERC-721 standard tokens, which are used in video games such as CryptoKitties to create singular, unique assets. It also supports Ethereum Web3 API, which facilitates interactions with dapps and keeps the user in control of their wallet and personal information. “Until now using cryptocurrencies online and accessing Web 3 required special apps or extensions, making it difficult for people to even try it out. Our new browser removes that friction.” - Charles Hamel, product manager of Opera Crypto


16 Global Companies Join Hyperledger


The Hyperledger Fabric network has been one of the boundary pushing forces in the blockchain industry for years. They became the primary network for IBM development years ago, and have continued to on-board new members to their system. 16 new members were announced recently at the Hyperledger Global Forum in Basel, Switzerland. They included big names such as Alibaba Cloud, Citigroup and its Citi Ventures arm - We.Trade, and Deutsche Telekom, which is the largest telecommunications provider in Europe. The group now totals more than 260 members. “The growing Hyperledger community reflects the increasing importance of open source efforts to build enterprise blockchain technologies across industries and markets. The latest members showcase the widening interest in and impact of DLT and Hyperledger.” - Hyperledger executive director Brian Behlendorf


State Farm Insurance Testing Blockchain


Insurance has been a big focus for blockchain startups. The systems often include a great deal of paper work, licensing and transfers of money. All of these can be streamlined by the advancements of blockchain technology using cryptography, digital signatures, and digital assets. For State Farm, they are piloting a system specifically for the process of subrogation. Currently a manual undertaking, subrogation is the legal right for companies to pursue damages from an insured third-party. Using blockchain technology would reduce the number of steps required by an employee, as well as automatically creating a permanent transaction record of each payment that could easily be verified for accuracy. With further payment integration, disbursements could be more quickly granted to the winning parties.



Top 5 Gainers


Incodium (INCO) +127.53% at $0.012190

Timicoin (TMC) +93.07% at $0.049649

Alibabacoin (ABBC) +82.27% at $0.093637

Transcodium (TNS) +62.38% at $0.003413

Twinkle (TKT) +50.06% at $0.003014



Top 5 Losers


FoodCoin (FOOD) -48.31% at $0.002457

WITChain (WIT) -42.40% at $0.000035

Octoin (OCC) -38.10% at $0.352573

Vipstar Coin (VIPS) -34.70% at $0.000073

FOAM (FOAM) -33.22% at $0.036585



New Coins Listed


EOS Dapp Token (TKC) listed to Allcoin Exchange

XRP (XRP) listed to Livecoin

PlayGame (PXG) listed to HitBTC




By: BGN Editorial Staff

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