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October 16, 2018

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Get Paid for Studying Crypto with Coinbase Earn

December 20, 2018


When Coinbase first added the ZRX token to its’ list of supported assets, some in the crypto community shook their heads in disbelief. Since its’ entry to the market, a debate has continued as to where ZRX’s true value lies. Up until this week, a strong argument could be made that the answer to this debate was not at all clear.

Today, however, that seems to be about to change.


Over the course of this year, user growth across the blockchain industry has remained relatively stagnant if considered in connection with what it would need to be to indicate widespread adoption. A common theme which continues to come up in response to this issue is the lack of education that most people have when it comes to anything related to the blockchain.


In response to this, Coinbase is launching an initiative called Coinbase Earn. While CoinDesk seems to paint this as more of an overall initiative to educate new and seasoned crypto investors on many topics related to blockchain technology, the reality seems to be a bit different.


Upon logging in to Coinbase Earn, the first thing that becomes apparent is that the initiative is very much in a closed beta stage. Anyone who has a chance to earn ZRX tokens for watching the platform’s educational videos, has to be invited to do so. Despite this, anyone who has a Coinbase account can watch the first few videos to get a taste of what the initiative is all about.


In the end, what is arguably most interesting is that rather than focusing on blockchain technology overall, as mentioned above, it appears that Coinbase Earn will heavily feature that ZRX token, including what is planned for its’ future. In fact, the only lessons that are available to all Coinbase users focus almost solely on ZRX.

With this in mind, one could cite a familiar saying in the blockchain industry. Never trust any source without doing your own research first. Even a promising initiative like Coinbase Earn has its’ own ulterior motives in the end.



By: BGN Editorial Staff

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