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The Problem with Fidelity’s Crypto Trading Platform

October 16, 2018

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Civil Records First Article on Ethereum Blockchain

December 21, 2018


In the past, we have reported on the difficulties that the blockchain startup, Civil, has faced. Today however, it appears that they might be turning a corner in terms of their efforts at moving journalism to the blockchain. Early this morning, CoinDesk reported that Civil has finally added its’ first article to the blockchain.


While Maria Bustillos, the news editor responsible for the piece, claims it was the first, CoinDesk hedges away from directly saying that it was with certainty. Furthermore, this may not be as striking of a development as it seems, because Bustillos has had the goal of storing articles on the blockchain since about 2012.

Despite this, her company’s experience with Civil is important for at least one clear reason. As with any new technological project, someone needs to serve as its’ beta tester. In this case, Bustillos and her company called Popula appear to be the first party to fill this role due to her vested interest in the blockchain.


With this in mind, other larger news firms, especially those who have been reticent to the project so far, could use data from Popula as their justification for joining or staying away from Civil. At the same time, Civil, in turn, could use the same data to prove to these parties that their platform is technically sound and secure. On top of this, they could do the same for the Interplanetary File Storage System because it serves as the secondary storage system for the as is the same case with many developments in this space, only time will tell if Popula’s experience proves truly valuable to Civil’s chances of success but it is a step towards growth. Perhaps now that they have an active newsroom, they can also use this experience as a Minimum Viable Product stage to work out any issues before pitching their offering to the industry’s giants.



By: BGN Editorial Staff

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