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The Problem with Fidelity’s Crypto Trading Platform

October 16, 2018

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DX.Exchange Bridges Traditional Stocks and Crypto

January 3, 2019



Since the creation of Bitcoin, we have seen hundreds of new cryptocurrencies, including stablecoins that are tied to the US dollar and other fiat currencies as well as tokens like Polymath that serve as standards for representing real-world assets on the blockchain.


Most recently, crypto investors continue to hope for the SEC’s final decision on whether or not to allow the VanECK-SolidX Bitcoin ETF to operate. Despite the fact that a major regulatory agency getting behind an effort like this would truly be monumental for this space, something occurring right now might prove to be even more so.


Imagine if traditional stocks in trusted and valuable companies were represented as crypto tokens that anyone could invest in with the same benefits that accredited investors receive by holding the original assets.


What if I told you that is already about to happen?


CoinDesk penned an article today that claims a company that uses the same technological framework that Nasdaq uses to allow for trading of digital stocks, will be putting real shares of titanic companies like Netflix, Facebook, and Microsoft on the blockchain. If you are asking yourself at this point how they are going to do that, the reason is fairly simple.


Apparently, the company in question, which is an Estonian crypto exchange called Dx.Exchange, has an agreement with another firm called MPS Marketplace Securities, Ltd., which stipulates that MPS will purchase all of the shares that DX plans to host for investors on its’ platform. In addition to this, future users can look forward to a peer-to-peer Crypto exchange platform as well as the ability to use fiat to invest in the same digital representations of these stocks.


At this time, there is no indication that interested investors will have to be accredited, though if you are a United States citizen, expect this to be the case until the general regulatory situation surrounding cryptocurrencies proves to be clearer.



By: BGN Editorial Staff

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